Wednesday 1st of February 2023

the Hand of God ...

the Hand of God ...

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I assure you I haven’t, all of a sudden, found religion. The God I refer to is not the God of compassion and humanity, but a mythical God of power, destruction, thievery, under-handedness, double standards etc. etc. as has been used by various western powers throughout history.

When those first Christian crusaders marched towards Palestine, under the banner of Pope Urban in August 1096 they believed they were on a quest to liberate Jerusalem from the infidel. In fact, the spur was not devotion to God, but greed. This Pope oversaw the theft of more land, more riches, more ill-gotten gains and terrible bloodshed and carnage.

I speak of the same mythical God who encouraged the British Empire to flex its muscles and impose its will all over the world. From Africa, to the Middle East, to India, the Americas and far flung places, such as New Zealand and, where I sit right now, in Australia where their same God supposedly instructed them to kill, maim, expel and subjugate.

A wise African Chieftain said of those British invaders. “When the British came they had the bible and we had the land. Now we have the bible and they have the land.” The same story was repeated all over the world. You might think that this kind of bloody and unjust crusading has no place in the 21st century. I’m afraid you’re wrong.

Now this same mythical God has miraculously reappeared over the United States of America and installed his chosen representative, Mr Donald Trump, in The White house. It must be true because his Secretary of State, Mr Mike Pompeo said so. On his recent trip to Israel Mr Pompeo said that it is “possible” that President Donald Trump was sent by God to save Israel from Iran. “As a Christian I certainly believe that’s possible,” he stated.

This belief in divine intervention is not a first. White House press secretary Sarah Sanders told a religious television network that God “wanted Donald Trump to become president”.

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a small intestine miracle!...


Spontaneous healing after prayer in Jesus' name featured in peer-reviewed medical journal

A peer-reviewed medical journal published a documented case of spontaneous healing after prayer in Jesus' name. A young man who wasn't able to eat without a feeding tube for 16 years has been healed of gastroparesis.

The article, "Case Report of gastroparesis healing: 16 years of a chronic syndrome resolved after proximal intercessory prayer," was published in the April edition of the Complementary Therapies in Medicine.

The case report explains how at the age of two weeks, a male infant was hospitalized after forcefully vomiting and underwent a pyloromyotomy, a surgical procedure in which an incision is made in the longitudinal and circular muscles of the opening from the stomach into the small intestine.


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Me thinks the peer reviewed medical journal, the "Complementary Therapies in Medicine", is as medical as your local McDonald's is. But then the report in this august publication does not mention anything "spontaneous"... unless four months is spontaneous in your miracle medical books. Most likely, the treatment which seemed not to work in the first place, actually did the job, once the tubes were removed. But a miracle sounds better...