Thursday 1st of December 2022

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Presently the dumb country, Australia, is regaled with the presence of a couple of royals and what a better place than to announce that the princess of whatever is pregnant.

If you've never seen a horse race before, the stunt on the Sydney Opera House would have drawn your attention to horses, jockeys and betting (responsibly — whatever this means as betting is never responsible).

And now should you be a dreamer about becoming a princess or a prince, or baking some cakes for these glorious kids, what better advertisment for a royal family than this glorious PRETTY couple, trooping like pop stars, to make you forget all your love for real democracy (whatever this means) through a republican ideal (whatever this means).

Prettiness is the key here as it fills the pens of the hacks for colourfull magazines, the hot air ballons, and the helium ones as well. It's a well managed stunt, especially the baby bump. Good one kids. 

But please can we get some traction in getting rid of the royals (pretty or not) in this country?


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no horses to be seen at sydney's opera house today...

A 98-year-old Australian war widow who has captured Prince Harry's attention twice before today stole another kiss from the Duke of Sussex.

Key points: 
  • Hundreds of patient Royal fans have met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex at the Opera House
  • After yesterday's pregnancy announcement, the couple were given Australian baby gifts by the Governor-General
  • Their Sydney tour also included a performance by the Bangarra Dance Theatre and a visit to Taronga Zoo


Daphne Dunne, a former servicewoman and dedicated Royal watcher, first met the Prince in 2015 and then again in 2017.

Today she was spotted again in the crowd during Prince Harry and Meghan's much-anticipated meet-and-greet at Sydney's Opera House.

The Prince ran over and embraced Ms Dunne and introduced her to his new wife during a lengthy chat.

The Opera House is a lucky spot for Ms Dunne, as it is where she first caught the Prince's attention in 2015 by wearing her husband's Victoria Cross.


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Long live the Republic to have a real democracy in Australia, and stopped being conned by PRETTY royals... Then you can love princes and princesses to your heart content... but not politically.


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My plan today was to write a column supporting the honourable, overdue and courageous Equal Pay strike action planned by thousands of Glasgow City Council employees next Tuesday and Wednesday, 23rd & 24th October.

That action will be the subject of my next opinion piece now. For I simply couldn’t stand anymore of the Royal Family pomp and ceremony being force fed down our throats by an ever more compliant and subservient mainstream media without indicating some form of protest immediately. 

It was Prince Harry and Meghan getting married in May, Princess Eugene (who?) and Jack (who?) getting married on Saturday and today, 15th October, we have the aforementioned Prince Harry and his Royal wife announcing the arrival of another Royal baby next spring. Now I have nothing against weddings and children being born. Weddings are usually splendid occasions with much joy, laughter and tears while the birth of children is the most magical moment in any parent’s life. Both those joyous events do however come at a cost. Weddings cost over £17,000 on average while raising children is an ever-increasing expense. 

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Unless, of course, you are part of the Windsor family in Britain, no matter how slight or distant the link. And therein is the problem. Every time there is a Royal wedding or new baby the cost to the taxpayer to support these rich benefit recipients rises. The hard austerity pressed public had to stump up £2.25 million for the marriage of a Royal nobody at the weekend and £1.25 million for the Harry and Meghan shindig in May.

I heard the BBC’s Royal brown nose, Nicholas Newton Henshall Witchell, (I kid you not that is his name) bemoan on breakfast news this morning that poor Meghan would have to take things a bit easier from now on as her and Harry were about to embark on a world tour which would include a “gruelling” 22 hour flight to Australia followed by a “tough itinerary of events”. ‘Gruelling’ and ‘tough’ are not adjectives I would attach to First Class travel with first class service, first class food and first class seats that transform into beds at the push of a button. Of course, it will be a ‘gruelling’ experience choosing which films to watch during the flight in between meals and liquid refreshments. 

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And imagine having to exit the flight into chauffeur driven cars and being whisked to your 5-star hotel room without even getting to experience the delight of jostling with everyone to rescue your luggage from the arrivals carousel and waiting in a long queue at passport control? Then the endurance required dealing with the pampering and luxury lavished on them during the tour would surely test the toughness of any mere mortal.

The difference between a truly independent mainstream media and the slavish puppet of the rich and powerful that we have is the bold Nicholas should have been on the morning breakfast show lambasting the cost to the taxpayer of the two recent weddings, the cost to the taxpayer of the luxury tour and the cost to the taxpayer of another Royal baby to feed and fawn over rather than expressing concern about a ‘gruelling’ flight and ‘tough’ all expenses paid trip. 

The Royals receive the best biggest benefits deal in Britain. They cost the ordinary taxpayer in excess of £345 million a year in grants, travel costs, security provision and lost revenues from the Duchy of Lancaster and Duchy of Cornwall which should go to the public purse but instead pours into the Royal purses

The obedience and timidity of state-run media in places like North Korea is often bemoaned by flunky pundits in BBC or ITV studios but the irony is these outlets are every bit as timid and obedient as those in alleged dictatorships. 


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