Thursday 1st of December 2022

mad media frenzy, vacuous hats and inane commentary to lead the royal decadence down the pit of historical ridicule...


The media circus comes to full crescendo today with more than 5,000 staff and personnel in Windsor to cover the Royal wedding.


Kensington Palace said 79 international networks were on hand to broadcast Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's nuptials from the small town in Berkshire, which is also expected to host more than 100,000 visitors for the event.

Seven individual television studios have been constructed around the town, as well as two purpose-built international media compounds on the Long Walk and Home Park.

US networks NBC and CBS have flown hundreds of staff across the Atlantic to cover the event, taking over entire hotels and shipping tonnes of equipment.

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Image above from the AhmeriKan Today Show... Hello? Has the world gone completely brain dead? Is this the best hope we have for making the future of humankind pleasant enough? Wow! It's the wedding of two young kids (not so young) with various heritage, one of them being the descendant of a German family with a mother that the Palace shooed away because his daddy loved tampons?... Am I not cynical enough?

Should I mention the father of the other one who does not want to be part of this pageant, the pompous excess of which makes Miss Universe look anaemic? Tonnes of equipment? ... my head spins... just looking at those stupid hats... These from a previous wedding. One mentioned the toilet seat hat — not for nothing...



remember him?...

harry the pilot...

the royals — contributing to global warming with hot air...


"Look but upon the common plays in London, and see the multitude that flocketh to them and followeth them. Behold the sumptuous theatre houses, a continual monument of London's prodigality and folly. But I understand they are not forbidden because of the plague."


Since then, we have invented teve (TV) — or television — in which the royal theatre of the absurd will be shown like a bad soap opera — at length:


"Do they not maintain bawdy, insinuate foolery, and renew the rememberance of heathen idolatry? Do they not induce whoredom and uncleanness? Nay, are they not rather plain devourers of maidenly virginity and chastity?"

"Here lords come to laugh, and to be laughed at for being there and seing their qualities ridiculed by every worthless poet. Knights come hither to learn the amorous smirk, the alamode grin, the antique bow, the new-fashioned cringe, and how to adjust their phiz to make themselves as ridiculous by art as they are by nature."


etc. Read: the importance of the royal coitus...





is there a bun in the oven?

The question that has not been put foreward by the dung beetles, the scribes of the MMMMMM — the mediocre media — is: "is there a bun in the oven?" Won't we see another royal birth, within the next eight months? This wedding was arranged in haste though it cost around US$42 million which is peanuts.


According to UK wedding side Bridebook, the cost of security for the royal wedding, including rooftop snipers, undercover police and a counter-UAV system, topped out at around $40.1 million. Other expenses, such as food, flowers and that fabulous dress, tallied some $2.7 million, according to luxury wedding planner Aimee Dunne cited by "CNBC Make It."

While the royal family announced that it paid for the church service, the musicians, the flowers, all those decorations and the sumptuous reception party, the staggering security tab is expected to be picked by UK taxpayers.

The blushing bride — an independent woman of means in her own right — was reported to have footed the bill for the gorgeous $550,000 wedding dress. 


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