Sunday 1st of October 2023

little napoleon warns of EU civil war...

l'tle napoleon

Brussels: Emmanuel Macron, who beat back the far-right National Front to win the French presidency, said on Tuesday that there is "an increasing fascination with illiberalism" in Europe and that divisions over values within the European Union were like "a European civil war."

Speaking after the re-election this month in Hungary of Viktor Orban, the self-styled champion of "illiberal democracy," and moves against the judiciary in Poland, Macron said that Europe was in a battle between the liberal democracy that shaped its postwar vision and a new populist authoritarianism that brushes aside dissent and cares little about the rule of law.


"It is vital to have a democratic, critical debate on what Europe is about."

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“The very meaning of the European adventure is that of greater convergence,” Macron said. “We must not give up on the ambition of any of our existing policies, but we must add new ambitions . . . It is not the people who have abandoned the European ideal. It is the intellectuals who betrayed them.”

A cartoon on the front page of L’Opinion newspaper caricactured Macron as Delacroix’s “Liberty Leading the People”, hoisting a European flag on the barricades while fellow Europeans held back.

Pieyre-Alexandre Anglade, the deputy in the French National Assembly who Macron has asked to build a European parliamentary group based on Macron’s La République En Marche, says there are now two Europes: Macron’s and the Eurosceptical, anti-immigrant right led by the Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban.

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and then the idiot...

... And then, Emmanuel, the historical deficient anomaly, goes on and bombs Syria with his NON-EUROPEAN little new mates, the USA and the UK, on a fake pretext... Pitiful. 

Is that still my country?

Is that still my country?Is that still my country?

they love the emperor with no clothes...

When Christophe Castaner, 52, talks about his relationship with Emmanuel Macron, the man who created the movement Castaner now heads, he says there is an "element of being in love."

When visiting Sacha Houlié, the 29-year-old deputy president of French parliament, in his office, it takes him less than two minutes to pull Macron's autobiography off the shelf and proudly read the dedication aloud: "For Sacha, who started this revolution at my side -- even before the first day."

And 32-year-old Amélie de Montchalin, the spokeswoman of the Finance Committee in the National Assembly who has wanted to become a politician since she was 10, says that since she has been in parliament for Macron, she feels "absolutely in the right place." 

Emmanuel Macron has been the president of France for almost a year now. And while he spends his time traveling the globe and receiving world leaders at Élysée Palace, his movement, La République En Marche (LREM), is still in the process of becoming a governing party. Ultimately, the hope is that it will become a big-tent party, one that represents as many French voters as possible.


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While Macron’s presidency is being challenged by ongoing protests, the latest polls show that only 42 percent of respondents expressed approval of him as the country’s leader.

The survey revealed that the majority of respondents were unhappy with Macron, but the research paints a very conflicted picture, as a similar proportion of respondents (57 percent) were in favor of the president’s reform plans.

The opinion poll also reflected growing discontent among the public. Only 30 percent of respondents agreed that Macron was “in touch with French people’s concerns,” hinting at his tax cuts for the well-off and neglect towards workers’ needs.

“In every area there is discontent,” said Edwy Plenel, veteran political journalist with the investigative news website Mediapart, in a recent interview with Macron.

Barely concealing his anger, Macron rebuffed Plenel’s remarks and said his question about protests was “biased.”

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Students from SciencesPo in Paris— the institute where Emmanuel Macron was trained — have joined the protest movement against the reform of access to the university and occupy the establishment. An action they consider "highly symbolic".

"Let's block the elite factory": SciencesPo Paris students announced via a press release that they voted for in the night of April 17 to 18 to occupy their school at a general assembly. They unfurled several banners on the front of the building, erecting in particular "against the Macronian dictatorship".


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napoleonic wet dreams...

What all this boils down to is that Macron’s European ambitions depend not only on his domestic reform agenda, but also on the extent to which he is able to raise his profile in Washington, and draw credibility from that in Europe. Macron is well aware that his presidency was made possible by the 1958 Gaullist constitution, which allows the circumventing of established parties and the rise of an outsider (he enjoys describing himself and Trump as  “mavericks”).

He also knows that the French yearn for a leader with authority, and that Europeans want protection. He believes that coming under attack from both left and right, and resisting that pressure, helps to secure his position in Europe.

“The answer is not authoritarian democracy but the authority of democracy,” Macron said in his Strasbourg speech. Whether Trump fully understands any of this is an entirely different matter, of course. In private, Macron surely smiles about that. He believes he is playing a weak European hand shrewdly, and he’s confident he is only just started. It is perhaps a historical paradox for a Frenchman, but Macron’s road to Europe goes through Washington.

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For once La Natalie Nougayrède seems to grasp the rules of the game... Yet it seems that whatever Macron says is a lot of populist bullshit: "The answer is not authoritarian democracy but the authority of democracy?" Bravo, bravo, bravo... What does this really mean?  Meanwhile little napoleon macron is sucking the arsehole of the US — bombing Syria for no mandate and no good reasons — trying to undo years of social justice in France and replace it with a small fast food outlet, while emulating Trump's style of crappy leadership and looking napoleonian — all at the same time. Something is going to collapse...

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macron, the deal-mother-fucker...


Macron Isn’t Saving the Nuclear Deal

Esfandyar Batmanghelidj explains why the French proposal for a “new deal” with Iran isn’t going to work:

But that rapport has been used to advance a decidedly French policy towards Iran rather than a consensus policy devised among the parties to the JCPOA. This is the central flaw of the French approach. France is increasingly diverging from what is considered politically advisable or feasible in European capitals, in Moscow and Beijing, and most crucially in Tehran.

It is ironic that such an avowed defender of multilateralism as Macron should be so bad at coordinating his diplomatic efforts with multiple parties at the same time. Macron has proceeded on the assumption that keeping Trump on board is what matters most, and so he is making proposals that will appeal to Trump–but only to Trump–while alienating most or all of the other parties to the agreement. Unfortunately, Macron is just rewarding Trump’s bad behavior by trying to cater to his unreasonable demands in the vain hope that this will resolve the crisis that Trump has created. In the process, he has broken with all the other governments that are content to keep the deal as it is. Macron’s mishandling of the issue underscores the importance of building an international consensus.

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Here one has to refer to the French sill having to give 10 per cent of the nuke stuff to Iran... as explained at:

Snow-capped mountains with a fringe on top, all in the clouds.


Following the 1979 Revolution, most of the international nuclear cooperation with Iran was cut off. In 1981, Iranian officials decided that the country’s nuclear venture should continue. Because of international agreements regardless of ruling government, new successful negotiations took place with France in the late 1980s and with Argentina in the early 1990s.

In the 1990s, Russia formed a joint research organization with Iran, providing Iran with Russian nuclear experts and technical information. U.S. and European companies also scrambled to restart business in Iran. 

EURODIF Production operates the Georges Besse plant, located in the south of France. It has used the gaseous diffusion process to enrich uranium for more than 30 years. Its output supplies enriched uranium to over 100 nuclear power plants in France and around the world. The plant is gradually being replaced by the Georges Besse II plant, which began commercial production in April 2011. The Georges Besse II plant uses the centrifuge enrichment process.

One of the major reasons the Geneva talks on Iran’s nuclear programme had to be reconvened in Nov 2013 was on France’s objections over US allegations of plutonium production plant at Arak, and they seem to be annoyed about the complications of the industrial partnership in this French technology for four decades, since the agreement was initiated by the Shah in 1975.

This deal never got reported in the context of the Iran nuclear negotiations. The origins of the deal illustrate the complexity of international nuclear collaboration. 

Although Iran’s active involvement in Eurodif was halted following the 1979 Iranian revolution, Iran has retained its active involvement in Sofidif, headquartered in Rue La Fayette in Paris, to the present day. Sofidif annual reports are audited by KPMG. Dr Ali Daee of the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran has been appointed Iran’s new permanent representative to Sofidif in September 2012.




In 1979, France promised Iraq it would build it a light-water nuclear reactor to be fueled with uranium enriched to 93 percent. Israel perceived the reactor, at Osirak, as an existential threat and tried to dissuade Paris from going ahead with the project. After several attempts at diplomacy were ignored, then-prime minister Menachem Begin ordered an airstrike that destroyed the facility, on June 7, 1981.

This weekend, the very nation that three decades ago chose not to heed Israel’s warnings emerged as the only major power echoing Israel’s concerns in the negotiations over Iran’s rogue nuclear program. While five of the six world powers — the United States, Britain, Russia, China and Germany — were apparently ready to sign an interim agreement that would offer sanctions relief in return for a promised freeze in the Iranian program, an arrangement Israel considers “bad and dangerous,” France blocked what it called “a sucker’s deal.”


Furthermore, France has high stakes in Sunni countries in the region that are fiercely opposed to Iran becoming a nuclear power. Saudi Arabia, for instance, is the region’s foremost buyer of French arms. “In light of the current economic situation in France, which really does not look so bright, these weapons deals are very important to the country,” Hershco said.

In late August, Paris reportedly signed a €1 billion ($1.34 billion) defense contract with Saudi Arabia, which included overhaul work on four frigates and two refueling ships.

“The Saudis are investing heavily in French agricultural, defense and food sectors,” the Qatar-based Al Jazeera reported. “The farmers of Brittany have laid off thousands of workers of late and a Saudi firm is stepping in take control of 52% of Doux, a poultry firm based there. [This is just] one example of the massive spending spree the Saudis are on.”

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So Macron is trying to destroy the deal on Donald's behalf, by saying he is not destroying the deal but "revising" it... My rude title at top is barely adequate and understrength to describe little napoleon, I believe...

wrong premise at AC...

How does Macron think the “New World” was conquered and colonized if not by aggressive British, French, and Spanish nationalists determined to impose their rule upon weaker indigenous tribes?

Was it not nationalism that broke up the USSR into 15 nations?

Was not the Zionist movement that resurrected Israel in 1948, and in 1967 captured the West Bank and then annexed East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights, a manifestation of aggressive nationalism?

Macron is an echo of George H.W. Bush who in Kiev in 1991 warned Ukrainians against the “suicidal nationalism” of declaring independence from the Russian Federation.

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Macron IS A NATIONALIST as all get out, except he does not say so. He could be worse than the "Le Pens" on this score...

the emperor of the little world...

Emmanuel Macron has been a busy man. While he has a unique vision for France’s global role, his vision is falling on deaf ears.

At the end of April, French President Macron received a standing ovation from the US Congress. At around the same time, he also had a phone call with Iranian President Hassan Rouhani who informed Macron the Iranian nuclear deal was “not negotiable.”

Approximately one week prior, he received similar treatment from the European Parliament as he did in Washington. Then, he went to Australia and the wider Pacific region, to try his hand at building a new Pacific relationship aimed at confronting China’s expanding influence.

But what has he achieved in doing so? And why is it that, despite all of his attempts to build a close relationship with the United States, France and America’s relationship is actually at an all-time low?


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blame manu-the-kid...

PARIS (Sputnik) - French President Emmanuel Macron said that he was "to blame" for the incident with his former security aide Alexandre Benalla, who was caught on camera hitting a May Day protester.

On Tuesday, Macron met with lawmakers from his party La Republique En Marche! and denounced Benalla’s behavior as a betrayal.

"I'm to blame… If anyone is looking for who is responsible, it’s me and me alone. I’m the one who trusted Alexandre Benalla," Macron said later on Tuesday talking to supporters in Paris as quoted by The Guardian newspaper.

Representatives of opposition parties have repeatedly urged Macron to express his opinion in connection with the situation around Benalla, who was a close presidential aide and reportedly a member of president's inner circle.


The high-profile case broke out after a May 1 video emerged capturing Benalla in riot police gear. On the video, the man tackled a young rioter to the ground and punched him repeatedly before fleeing. Last week, the Elysee Palace announced the decision to launch Benalla's firing procedure.


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Charge Macron with assault, then....

napoleon en marche...

Emmanuel Macron unveiled his ambitions for the future of Europe in a forum broadcast by several media in the 28 countries of the European Union, the French political class has responded.

The day after the diffusion of the platform for "a European Renaissance" Emmanuel Macron broadcast on March 4 everywhere in Europe, reactions are numerous in the French political class. Positioning itself against the "nationalistic withdrawal" and the "trap" of "status quo and resignation", the president made several proposals announcing the themes of the campaign of his political camp.

Much sought after by the media to react, the main executives of the presidential camp have closed ranks behind Emmanuel Macron's plan. "Emmanuel Macron gives the way, he gives the proposals, he carries all that France wants for Europe", explained the President of the National Assembly Richard Ferrand on Europe 1. "We want better Europe, and more Europe that is concrete, in the real life of citizens, "he tweeted in stride.


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Strangely enough, Macron is shorter than Napoleon, and less bulky than Francis the first... Read from top.