Wednesday 26th of January 2022

what is democracy?

the word is in continual use, but i contend that the modern meaning is unrelated to aristotle's notion, and that the ideal has been perverted on purpose, to 'diseducate' the cattle. in short, the aims of 'newspeak' have been achieved without a formal ministry of truth, by the common aim of the politically potent elements of society.

consequently, i refuse to use the word as a label for any of the various sorts of oligarchy that saddle the aspirations of human society.

i invite all who are dissatisfied with the course of modern governments to ascribe the evils we suffer to elitist rule, and to struggle for the empowerment of the common person.

let's begin by using 'oligarchy' when referring to modern political society,  lets continue by never ascribing 'rights' to people who live in an oligarchy, for one can not have rights without power.