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the frog revolution had been wasted as the new king was doing impressions of napoleon...

king macron

Twitter exploded with sarcastic comments after French President Emmanuel Macron reportedly told a former political rival that “the king was elected four months ago,” apparently referring to his election victory in June.

The French leader was exchanging barbs with his former presidential rival Jean-Luc Mélenchon, who heads the left-wing La France Insoumise party.

Mélenchon, who seems to have had it in for Macron since the new president ascended to power, lashed out at his rival on Saturday.

“The battle is not over, it is only starting,” Mélenchon told the cheering crowd at a rally in Paris against Macron’s highly controversial labor reforms. 

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Delivering a warning to Macron and the president's comments that he won’t bow to pressure from the streets, Mélenchon reacted with fury.

“It is the street that defeated the kings, it is the street that defeated the Nazis...," Mélenchon said emotionally.

Apparently the "kings" comment didn’t go unnoticed in Macron’s office.

“The street may have knocked down kings, but the kings were elected four months earlier,” Macron allegedly said, Le Canard Enchaine satirical newspaper reported. The paper, which says it specializes in investigative journalism, often leaks sensational information. 

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ruffling the duck's feathers...


Back in March 09, 2011

Editor-in-chief Claude Angeli holds up a small piece of paper: the balance sheet of an over-the-hill republic on a 10x10 centimeter sheet of graph paper. On the left side of the note are the names of six ministers and state secretaries whose lives Le Canard enchaînémade difficult last year. On the right side are the scandals the weekly newspaper exposed in 2010, a year in which Canard brought down two state secretaries and sealed the fates of two cabinet ministers. Following the newspaper's revelations of the last weeks, Foreign Minister Michèle Alliot-Marie was also forced to step down.

"France is doing poorly," says Angeli, "very poorly. It is a weak, limp society that responds too limply to the excesses of politicians." According to Angeli, the people in power have become arrogant, coarse and crude since President Nicolas Sarkozy came into office in May 2007. It isn't a country to be proud of, says Angeli.

And, he predicts, it won't be getting any better. Marine Le Pen, of the extreme right-wing party Front National, stands at 20 percent in the polls and Sarkozy, he fears, will soon begin courting the far right ahead of the 2012 presidential election.

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We all should know that Hollande got the gig in 2012... and now little king Macron in 2017... Soon to become Emperor Macronleon...


easy way to prevent tax evasion: remove the tax...


President Emmanuel Macron of France says plans to abandon a Mitterand-era asset tax will encourage wealthy people to stay in the country. Opponents of the politician, whose popularity is sliding among left-leaning voters, claim the proposal is a handout to the rich.

In its current form, the solidarity tax on wealth (ISF), introduced by the Socialists in 1982, forces all French households with assets of over €1.3 million to pay an additional percentage, whatever their previous income tax contributions. Around 350,000 households currently pay the ISF, which tops out at 1.50 percent, and brings in over €4 billion of revenue.

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ferme ta gueule, sale macron...


But the “saviour” image he has conjured among neoliberal centrists the world over is one-dimensional. The dimension missing from this conventional account is crucial: namely, the way in which Macron’s domestic image has changed since becoming president – both because of, and in spite of, his extraordinarily calculated communications strategy.

His victory marked an abrupt turning point. Gone were the chummy interviews with journalists and the down-to-earth friendliness of the campaign trail – President Macron’s inauguration was marked by an icy, authoritative look that was here to stay.

This new image is what Macron himself has described as the “Jupiter” model. Keen to mark himself out from his predecessor François Hollande (who wanted to be seen as a “normal president”), Macron’s communication team opted for Jupiter, the Roman sky god, as the symbol of the new president’s style: all-powerful, aloof, removed from the daily cut-and-thrust of politics.

The aim, according to the president himself, is none other than to found “a new form of democratic authority” based on a “universe of symbols” that can stand in for France’s traumatic loss of a monarchic head of state.

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Hello? "traumatic loss of a monarchic head of state"? is this for real? did the Bastille fall in vain 250 bleeding years ago? See toon at top... see also: http://www.yourdemocracy.net.au/drupal/node/33487



The Élysée was quick to insist the comments had been taken out of context and sought to bat away any accusations of class contempt or of targeting local protesting workers.

But Macron has often been unapologetic about choosing hard language as he seeks to style himself as a pro-business reformer. In early September, days before a union-led protest against his overhaul of French labour laws, he said in a speech that he would not back down “to slackers, cynics and extremists”. The remark became a rallying cry, with protesters coining slogans such as “Slackers of the world, unite!”

In July, visiting a hi-tech startup centre in a converted rail depot, he talked about how at a station it was possible to meet different people – “those who succeed and those who are nothing”.

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Napoleon would have been smarter than the micro-Macron...

and they said russia was "interfering"....

DER SPIEGEL: You speak of a united Europe, but one gets the impression that you are fond of taking unilateral action - things like inviting Trump to Paris, offering to mediate between the Iraqi government and the Kurds following the independence referendum and holding an important speech on the future of Europe two days after the German elections.

Macron: Every country has its own diplomacy. Being part of Europe doesn't mean giving up one's independence or no longer being able to take the initiative. There are 27 of us - does that mean it is forbidden for some of us to be more ambitious than the others? No, otherwise stasis would be the result and we would be putting ourselves in handcuffs. For example, I often speak with (Turkish) President (Recep Tayyip) Erdogan. I have established a certain relationship with him and talk about it with the German chancellor. When I speak with the Turkish president, I defend European positions. That is how we European partners must do things. You also will have taken note of the fact that I intentionally avoided holding my Sorbonne speech before the elections in Germany. I coordinated closely with the chancellor and spoke with her at the end of the campaign and even on the evening of the election. She even received a copy of my speech before I delivered it.

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activism and artistic licence...

artiste ou mad?

How the times have changed! Once praised as an opponent of the Russian state, "artist" Petr Pavlensky is now facing charges for setting a French bank's door on fire in Paris - the same "performance" he put on in Moscow when he burned down the door of the Federal Security Service.

Petr Pavlensky has been taken to a mental facility of police in the French capital. It seems the attitude to setting a door on fire could be different from condemnation and anger only in one case — when the door is of someone else.

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not santa claus...

Emmanuel Macron’s visit to French Guiana was marred by clashes between protesters and police, partly sparked by the president’s ‘I am not Father Christmas’ remarks to the impoverished nation.

"I am not Father Christmas because the people of Guiana are not children," France’s president declared as he arrived for a visit to the French territory located in South America. The French leader then repeated his statement on Twitter, adding that he “did not come to Maripasoula [one of the communities in the French Guiana] to make promises of Father Christmas.”

Macron apparently referred to the fact that he was not going to make any grand promises to the nation suffering from high unemployment, crime and a high cost of living. He also ruled out additional state aid for the French overseas territory. "The state has made too many promises which have not been kept," he said, as cited by AFP.

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no more godly temptation in the patisseries...

The French Catholic church has adopted a new version of the Lord's Prayer to clear a misunderstanding among some churchgoers, that God has a direct hand in leading them to commit sins.

The Gallic version of the Lord's Prayer concerning the sixth request to God reads, "Lead us not into temptation," or "Ne nous soumets pas a la tentation" (Do not submit us to temptation) in French. But starting Sunday, the first day of Advent, the worshippers in France will instead pray, "Ne nous laisse pas entrer en tentation," which translates as "Do not let us enter into temptation," The Times reports.

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the nut job...

by Jean Bricmont...

At a time when a large part of the population no longer believes the dominant media, Emmanuel Macron tackles fake news. Yet, censorship only reinforces irrational beliefs, for the essayist Jean Bricmont.

In his press greetings on 3 January, Emmanuel Macron announced a bill to fight the spread of "false news" on the Internet and to "fight against any attempt to destabilize by television services controlled or influenced by foreign states ", which is no doubt aimed at the Russian RT channel.

Macron wants to defend what he calls the "liberal democracies" without apparently realizing that this new law will be a perfectly anti-liberal measure, since freedom of expression has historically been the liberal value par excellence.

Macron's approach testifies to a serious transformation of our "liberal democracies", which had still survived the Cold War without banning the "communist propaganda" of the time, nor indeed that of the far-right. (pro-French Algeria for example).

But what is false news and how does it matter?

A prime example is the gas attack near Damascus in August 2013, which was almost universally attributed by the press to the "Syrian regime," which is clearly contradicted by a report by a former UN inspector. Richard Lloyd, and MIT Professor of Science, Technology and National Security, Theodore A. Postol. To distinguish the true from the false, let's compare the motivations: for the government and the media that live from "official sources", the alleged guilt of Assad supports the help of Westerners to "rebels". But one can hardly find a "pro-Assad" motivation in people as respectable as Lloyd and Postol, or think that these experts are incompetent about relatively basic physics issues.

A more recent example concerns the "Russiagate", that is to say, the alleged Russian interference in Trump's election in the United States. There is currently no evidence of such interference. Given the means of espionage available to the many US services, it is difficult to believe that, if this interference was real and serious (not reduced to a few messages on Twitter or Facebook), it would not have been detected and demonstrated publicly. Even if such interference finally had to be proved, its actual meaning would remain to be assessed. In any case, to believe without hesitation in the absence of evidence, what the "liberal" press does in the United States, as well as its European counterparts, is in itself a way to "spread a false news ".

It's the dominant propaganda that leads to wars, not the few voices of opposition

Examples of other false news, all related to war propaganda (Tonkin Gulf incident in 1964, the case of incubators in Kuwait in 1990, weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, etc.) and propagated by the media, could be multiplied. dominant. Contrary to the false news that Macron wants to ban, this propaganda is partly responsible for wars that have caused hundreds of thousands if not millions of deaths and, in more recent cases, risks of a war that could be nuclear.

The problem that Macron wants to solve is that a good part of the population no longer believes the mainstream media and already thinks that freedom of expression is threatened (even before this new law). Many people think they are being lied about the real effects of immigration, the economic situation, the education situation, or war propaganda. They have in front of them unanimous media on a whole series of questions, starting with the election of Macron himself, at least in the second round and largely in the first, but also on Russia, the Iran, Syria, the European construction, or the need to "liberalize" the economy.

It is this media homogeneity that engenders skepticism, not Russian "propaganda" or purveyors of false news.

What is true is that, in addition to skepticism about political discourse, we see a proliferation of highly questionable "warnings" about vaccines or pesticides, as well as a whole series of bizarre beliefs ranging from did not walk on the moon "to" the earth is flat ".


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Here in Australia, the government is considering the harsh punishment of people who tell the truth about its shenanegans, especially whistleblowers and journalists (see dutton — the laughing stock stalinist...)


the queen mom...

To the tune of “Pigalle” they sang “Brigitte, Brigitte, you are the hottest old shack in the middle of Paris.”

According to Die Zeit some people in audience were laughing hard. But Heinrich Bedford-Strohm, the bishop of the Protestant Church in Bavaria who was a guest of the show, felt uncomfortable. Though admitting the show in general was a success, the jokes about Macron’s wife were simply too much.

Other members of the audience were also not impressed, deeming the jokes downright sexist. Remarks on the troupe’s website called them “old man jokes” and “primitive,” “outrageous” and “unbelievably insulting.”

Others said although such jokes are expected and usually enjoyed during such events, comedic jabs shouldn’t attack people personally. "The purpose of the carnival is in its political diction to point out political ills and not to defame people in their personal life situation,” said Dr. Gunther Hirschfelder, a professor of cultural studies at the University of Regensburg, according to DPA news agency.

Brigitte Macron, who is 24 years older than her husband, has often been the subject of jokes targeting her age and looks. One of those jabs came from former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi – known for his love of younger ladies – in May, when he called Macron a “good-looking lad with a good-looking mom.”

The most recent comments are being examined rather more closely in the age of the #MeToo movement, with Hirschfelder stating that such remarks may have been considered normal 10 years ago.

The public service television broadcaster Bayerischer Rundfunk (BR), which has been airing the program for more than 30 years, said its editorial team will coordinate more closely with artists next year. However, it also said that artistic freedom is a protected fundamental right.

“If this year’s performance of the ‘Altneihauser Feierwehrkapell’n’ was too broad in the perception of some viewers, and irritations were caused by particularly pointed, satirical passages, we expressly regret this,”said the editorial director and deputy head of BR studio Franken, Norbert Küber.

The president of the Franconian Carnival Association, Bernhard Schlereth, also chimed in. “It is always a difficult balancing act between censorship and artistic freedom,” he said.

The comedy troupe behind the Brigitte Macron jokes has not remarked on the controversy, nor did it respond to DPA’s request for comment. The ‘Carnival in Franconia’ program is BR’s most watched program. This year, 4.21 million people in Germany tuned in.


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a warning from turkey...

On 30 March 2018, following President Macron’s meeting with a PYD delegation, the party of the Kurds in Syria, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan delivered a violent speech in which he issued a warning to France.

According to the Elysée, President Emmanuel Macron received a delegation from the DFS (Democratic Forces of Syria) [1]. The DFS is a front behind which lies the PYD, the sister organization of the Turkish PKK.

According to the former Turkish Chief of Staff, General Ilker Basbug, the PKK and the PYD, both of which had started out as Marxist-Leninist, pro-Soviet and pro-Syrian organizations, have now become anarchist groups that are pro-NATO [2].

In the speech he delivered this Friday, President Erdogan emphasized that France was hosting the offices of the PKK and the PYD in Paris, even though these organizations are responsible for a multitude of attacks costing the lives of 40 000 Turkish citizens. He went on to emphasize that Turkey does not need a mediator to deal with terrorist groups.

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan also issued a threat: if France did not give up this policy, it would not escape suffering on its territory, the negative consequences of Turkey pursuing its policy; a threat that brought back to our minds that threat President Erdogan made before the Paris attacks and the Brussels attacks.

The Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu, telephoned his French homologue, Jean-Yves Le Drian, to say that he was gobsmacked at France’s attitude.

The Elysee has clarified that, contrary to the declarations of the “ambassador” or the “Rojava” to Paris, France was not planning operations in Syria outside the International Coalition; explanations that do not change anything because it is this Coalition which has created the FDS as a front in order to continue to use the PKK-PYD mercenaries against Damascus.

Anoosha Boralessa


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On 29 March 2018, President Emmanuel Macron received a delegation of the Democratic Forces of Syria (DFS). According to Khaled Issa (“ambassador” of the “Rojava” to Paris), Macron announced that France was sending troops to the Manbij (Syria).

The DFS is a new front for the armed members of the PYD, the party of the pro-US Kurds resident in Syria. To respect form, the delegation was composed of equal numbers of Arabs and Kurds. However on the ground, the DFS are almost exclusively members of the PYD under US training. According to the Elysee, President Macron recalled that France considered that the Turkish PKK was a terrorist organization. However the fact is that the PYD is an off-shoot of the PKK.

Identically, the ideology of the “Rojava”, anarchism, is a cover that has two aims: one is to make us forget that the PKK, a Marxist Leninist party, has been transformed into an instrument of Nato; and the second is to make it sympathetic to Westerners.

Members of the French Special Forces which were present in Eastern Ghouta have been evacuated in the UN diplomatic cars headed to Lebanon. This was in execution of the orders of the hawkish UN number 2, Jeffrey Feltman. But they will be returning, in greater numbers, to Northern Syria. Although their presence in the suburbs of Damascus was an open secret, their arrival at the Manbij is official, to the extent that it had been announced by the PYD but not confirmed by the Elysee.

The French military presence violates international law. Bar three months from the end of Sarkozy’s mandate (the period running from the liberation of la Baba Amr (Homs) to the Conference of the Friends of Syria in Paris), this presence has been permanent since war first erupted in 2011.

France under the leadership of Emmanuel Macron seems to be abandoning its support for al-Qaeda jihadists to enable it to concentrate its energies on creating a “Kurdistan” on Arab territory, the “Rojava”.

At the Conference of Versailles (1918) and Sevres (1920), the United States supported the creation of an Independent state for nomadic people (“Kurds”) in the valley of the Euphrates. The Kurds had settled down in Anatolie after massacring Armenian Christians there (the Genocide was initiated by Sultan Abdulhamid II, and continued by the Young Turks). At least since 1921, France has resumed its demand for a State for the Kurds but no longer in Turkey.

The offices of the “Rojava” at Paris are very kindly lent out by Bruno Ledoux. He is a very rich press proprietor (Libération, L’Express, i24news…) who has connections with Israël.

Anoosha Boralessa


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of social constructs...

long live ze king... god eez viz yoo...

In a lengthy article dubbed 'Emmanuel Macron, one year of imperious presidency' Roger-Petit speaks about the results of the ambitious centrist's first year in power and his "accession to the Elysee [Palace]". His presidency has "monarchical symbolism," the spokesman has realized.

A separate paragraph is devoted to the leader's interactions with crowds. "For [Emmanuel Macron], the touch is fundamental; it's a second language. It is a performative touch: 'The king touches you, God heals you.' This is a form of transcendence," said Roger-Petit, who once wrote for a number of French media outlets, including France Inter and France 5.

The grandiose 'King-God' comment wasn't specifically coined by Macron's spokesman. The phrase refers to the old traditions among French monarchs of touching their people, with the intent to heal them of various diseases.

Being not very loyal subjects, French people immediately took to social media to write mocking 'royal' comments about the former investment banker who became head of state.

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Read from top... "Plus ça change, plus c'est la même merde..." would say my friend Jules Letambour...

the pope and the king in nappies...

Anger has overflowed from the "Unbowed France" party — the left-wing democratic socialist popular political party in France — about a very strange ceremony at the Vatican, led by Pope Francis, in honour of Emmanuel Macron, on June 26.


The clerical ceremony was performed in the Basilica of St. John Lateran — the Cathedral of the Most Holy Saviour and of Saint John the Baptist (Italian: Santissimo Salvatore e Santi Giovanni Battista ed Evangelista in Laterano), the ecclesiastical seat of the Bishop of Rome — the Pope.


Macron, the young French king in nappies (don't call me "Manu" — short for Emmanuel — call me "Mr President") received the title of "First and Only Honorary Canon of Lateran". This weirdo religious ceremony was described by Alexis Corbière, an MP of "Unbowed France", as a "contempt for laïcité (secularity)" — a silly ceremony that unleashed deserved criticism by members of the opposition.


This title had been "legally given" by the pope to all the French heads of state since Henri IV, but few of them had wished to seek this honour in republican times. Emmanuel Macron's title seeking initiative, which thus seems to reiterate his desire to strengthen his own ties with the Church, has irritated the MPs of "France Insoumise" (Unbowed France) beyond belief!


"The President of the Republic has to be the secular head of France".


MP Alexis Corbière blasted this practice that had fallen into disuse for nearly 200 years, though ephemerally restored in 1957 by Pope Pius XII and French President René Coty, before the fall of the fourth republic. Here we must mention that Pope Pius XII by then had been quite a controversial figure during WWII, for his "appeasement of the Nazis".

"The President of the Republic must be the first member of the laity," MP Alexis Corbière thundered. 



Adaptation by Jules Letambour...


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mal-poli macron is a turd...

The French president — that little napoleon in nappies — likes to assure that he is the "president for all the French", but he has described many French citizens in very unflattering terms.
A map of those humiliated by Macron, is now available.
Bretons? "The French Mafia”
On June 26, 2018, at the end of his long meeting with Pope Francis, after receiving the title of "First and Only Honorary Canon of Lateran", Emmanuel Macron presented his Minister of European Affairs Jean-Yves Le Drian, highlighting his Brittany (Breton, Celtic) origins. The chief of the protocol of the Vatican, Monsignor Murfy, of Irish origin (Celtic), slipped: "They are everywhere." Macron spurted sarcastically: "The Bretons, it's is the French mafia.“ This sentence lacked much tact in a country gangrened by the mafia phenomenon, whose budget amounts to around 200 billion euros.
The protesters of the Vosges: "People who are against everything”
On April 18, 2018, traveling to Saint-Dié-des-Vosges, Macron was greeted by the whistles of a small group of opponents to his SNCF reforms. The president met them. During a brief exchange, he again used shock tactics: "You are people who decide to be against everything, who are against the Republic, you want nothing, you just want to block, you only want to challenge.
The Corrèze workers: those "who fuck around”
On October 4, 2017, Emmanuel Macron was making a trip to Corrèze. Employees of the GM & S firm, accompanied by a delegation of elected representatives of the Creuse, came to meet him to make him aware of the fate of 150 workers who had been fired, while their company was being liquidated. The president, faced these men about to lose their jobs, reacted vehemently: “These workers, instead of fucking around, should go see if there is work in Ussel (another town)."
The French people who oppose his reforms? "Slackers", "cynics", “extremes"
Emmanuel Macron does not like those who oppose his reforms which he intends to carry out, at all costs. He made it known during a speech in Athens on September 8, 2017, pillorying his opponents, whom he then described as "lazy", "cynical" and "extreme". Then Macron triggered a further outcry by "trying to explain" that he had meant the word "lazy" did not concern all his fellow citizens, but "only those who think that we should not change Europe, nor change France“.
The French in transit in the stations: "Those who are nothing”
On June 29, 2017, Macron, as president, inaugurated Station F, in Paris, a place described as "the largest incubator of start-ups in the world". In this old refurbished station, in the presence of the mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, and the entrepreneur/founder of Free Xavier Niel, Macron delivered a speech that scandalize many people. "In the train stations", he declared, "one can see successful people and people who are nothing".
The men of Pas-de-Calais? "In this mining area, [...] there is a lot of smoking and alcoholism”
Visiting the Pas-de-Calais as a presidential candidate, Macron was not smoothing his words in regional France. On January 13th, 2017, while visiting Nœux-les-Mines (Pas-de-Calais), he observed: "In this mining area, [...] there is a lot of smoking and alcoholism". At the time, as former minister of François Hollande, he attracted the full wrath of several elected members of parliament, and his comments were deemed highly contemptuous.
The women of a slaughterhouse in Brittany? "Many of them are illiterate”
On September 17, 2014, while he was Minister of Economy and Industry, Emmanuel Macron justified at the microphone of Europe 1 the reforms that he already intended to carry out. He took for example the employees of Gad, a slaughterhouse company in Brittany in great financial difficulty. "There is a majority of women in this society and many of them are illiterate. They are told 'you have no future in Gad or the surroundings, go to work at 50 or 60 kilometres'. These people do not have a driver's license! What are we going to do with them? " He stated. A little later, he apologized for making such comments.

What a good little turd... 

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See also:https://www.rt.com/news/431179-macron-regional-jibes-map/

manu's polls are going south...

Fewer people support Emmanuel Macron than predecessors at the same stage of their presidencies, according to a poll. It comes amid resignation of a minister, a bodyguard scandal and discontent over the leader's lavish lifestyle.

Only 31 percent of the French population is satisfied with the policies of their leader, who once said he wanted to be a ‘Jupiterian’ leader, the newly-released survey shows. It comes from IFOP, an international polling and market research firm, made for Paris Match magazine and Sud radio station. 

The magazine insists that this summer was “disastrous” and even “murderous” for the centrist politician, adding that 31 percent is “the worst score” for him.


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A "Jupiterian" is a deluded self-inflated state of mind... Read from top.




marching against the destruction of the planet...

At a press conference in Paris, yellow vests, representatives of the Solidarity March (against police violence) and the March of the Century (for the climate) announced that their processions would converge on March 16 in Paris.

Social and climate justice, same fight? This is the message that some members of various protest groups, who have recently shown themselves in strikes, demonstrations and other blocking actions, try to pass on. To bring together their respective struggles, representatives of these movements met on March 12 for a press conference at La Base, a new Paris venue for climate and social mobilization. Among them, Yellow Vests, including Priscillia Ludosky, members of the March of the Century for the climate, and the March of Solidarity, which denounces the "police violence" and "the state violence". They announced that they would converge their processions in Paris in the afternoon of March 16, Day of Act 18 Yellow Vests.


"We are united and stand against the same system that destroys the human and the planet. Our mobilization on March 16th will reflect the complementarity and cohesion of these different movements that fight together, and will be together for a day of struggle, "they announced in a joint statement.

Adel, from Rungis IDF Vets Jaunes, explained to RT France why he would make common cause with the other demonstrators on March 16: "We are for 99% of us from popular neighborhoods. What is claimed in the March of Solidarities is what has always been claimed. "According to this Yellow Vest," it is a tax that took [people] off the street, but it raised a carpet of dust, ill-being, things that were wrong. " He believes he belongs to a protean movement with multiple demands.


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change of tactics...

PARIS (Sputnik) - French Prime Minister announced on Monday that the government is replacing the head of Paris police following one more weekend of violent riots that plunged the French capital into chaos and resulted in dozens of injuries.

"On Wednesday the President of the Republic [Emmanuel Macron] will appoint Didier Lallement, former secretary general of the Interior Ministry and the current police chief of Nouvelle-Aquitaine region, as a new chief of [Paris] police," Philippe stated.

Lallement will replace Michel Delpuech who has been in the job since April 2017.


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Meanwhile RT has been accused by official agencies through Avaaz (partly funded by Soros) to spread "fake news" as many people watch RT TV in France. RT has been singled out for "fake news" because it follows the "Yellow Vests" with detailed articles and interviews while most of the French media ignores, or gloss over the problem of "les maillots jaunes" which in the French subconscient belong to the Tour de France...


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a badge better than the legion of honour...

The head of the left-wing La France Insoumise party has faced trial over clashes with police officers during raids on his home and office last October.

Member of the French parliament and former presidential hopeful Jean-Luc Mélenchon has been sentenced to a suspended three-month term and an 8,000 euro fine by a court for "acts of intimidation towards a magistrate and a depositary of the public authority, rebellion and provocation".

Commenting on the ruling, the politician announced his intention to go to the Criminal Court of Bobigny in order to appeal the verdict.

"I will be condemned for 'rebellion' and 'sedition'. I will be an official rebel. It is no longer a conviction, it is a decoration", he said.

Mélenchon was one of the main contenders in the 2017 presidential elections, securing 19.5 percent in the first round, which put him in fourth place.


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making a meal of it...

Macron’s wife recently spoke for the first time in a TV interview, mentioning the famous sentence of Emmanuel Macron that got him accused of gross arrogance...

Brigitte Macron, gave her explanation on TF1 on Thursday of the origin of her husband's little phrase "I cross the street, I find work for you", adding with regret "a word can condemn you”.


She added that she reproached him for these words — which the head of state, Macron, had told a young unemployed near the Elysée on September 15, 2018 — regularly cited by his detractors. "A sentence that did not bring me luck," said Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday when he greeted the press.


"The day before [telling the young unemployed] we were in a restaurant and the restaurant owner said to us 'The first one who crosses the street, I give him a job, because I need workers for my business'. And this sentence that Emmanuel said at that time is the sentence he had heard from the restaurateur the day before," explained Brigitte, Emmanuel Macron's wife.


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Translation/adaptation by Jules Letambour. 



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being president is also a vocation...

While the Elysée Palace broadcasted only a sequence of applause at the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital where Macron was visiting, another video, leaked on the networks shows a contrary exchange between the president and a carer. On April 9, Emmanuel Macron made a trip of more than two hours to the Kremlin-Bicêtre hospital (Val-de-Marne), where he met with university hospital teams involved in clinical research on the coronovirus. From this visit, only one oficial video was posted on the Elysée's social network. The one where we see a caregiver asking the president, "Can we applaud like all people do at 8:00?"

Note: the press had not been invited to this presidential trip. But another video, filmed from an interior balcony of the hospital building, nevertheless ended up on social networks. It shows an exchange between the president and a nurse, which is much less of a “hug therapy”. A slightly more contradictory discussion took place between the same carer — who later on asked for applause — and the President of the Republic.


"We, the caregivers, we are poor"


In this extract, the president affirms: "It is true that we have not caught up with 15 years of reduction in hospital fundings, you are right [...] but I will not take responsibilities for everything that has been done before me.

"You know, these jobs, we do them by vocation," replied the nurse. "We do them because we love people, we are in the public hospital system. We, the caregivers, we are poor and tomorrow we can find ourselves in these beds and what we would like for us, we wish we could do for them. And with the lack of staff, with the lack of staff, we can't do it,” she lamented.

"But collectively, we will learn all the lessons," replied the president and the video stopped at this point. We don't know any more about the discussion.



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translated by Jules Letambour


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