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I did not care much for Steve's political views, especially his singing of the praise of our Grocer-in-residence of Kirribilli, but apart from that Irwin was a passionate observer of the interaction between "beasts" and humans without passing a judgement on the "beasts". If we didn't before, he made us accept their existence beyond our own reactivity and fears.

His enthusiasm for toying with danger reminded me of me and my mates, when we played in numerous German bunkers, full of disused ammo... One of them went off and one of my mates got blown up ... not killed but badly maimed for life.  Steve Irwin knew what he was doing and the risks he was taking, we did not.

My sincere sympathy to his family. If the cartoon above is out of order, please accept my apologies as no offence is intended ... just presented as a reminder of the strange and deadly quirkiness of life - in which we advertise with fantasies...

Some of us leave earlier than we should, and unfortunately Steve was one of those...

May he rest in peace.

Indons sting national grief-fest

Well, if anyone can fill Lady Di's shoes, our boy can.

But, the Indonesians' abrupt announcement that they intend to stretch the necks of four more of our own home-grown dope peddlers is a trifle inconvenient. For one thing, it will detract from the vision of the grief-struck at the Crikey faux-shrine. Talk about death worship!

The love of Jakarta for all things Chinese is well known. As is the love of our man in Bennelong for the hard-working oriental entrepreneur who hates socialism and votes for Hanson.

A supreme balancing act is called for. Short of going away on some urgent business, like to console Blair or Bush, it may be best to call off the vote on the Cloning Bill. Then the humanitarian talents of the pro-lifers can be put 100% onto the work required to change Jakarta's mind on capital offenses.

At this point, the mind boggles. Sacrificing "Christian" Papuans to save the skin of Mr Chen? Hang on, ..... I've just heard Si Yi has succumbed to the ministrations of a hot-gospeller, and has converted! Problem solved.

All life is sacred, after all. Except the ones that get extinguished by an errant, playful slug from an ADF Glock. No names, no pack drill.

Golly gosh, I just heard Martin Ferguson mumbling about a quick fix for something or other. Very apt, considering Labor's Harry Quick is turning the screws on pre-selection tactics, Labor taken over by city lefties: Howard. Any distraction will do, in a crisis.

Political beasts

Yes T.G.. There is a media frenzy about anything that moves on the surface, but nothing much about the trauma that touch the deep undercurrents... There are many things I could say here on all the events mentioned in the blog above, but this is privileged information. This would shoot my many "unofficial" sources of info.

On the Steve Irwin issue, for all the kiddies and parents out there, as shocked as you are from the death of a crocodile hugger who taught you a lot of things about the "wild", if you wish to donate a few bobs to save something that wriggle, think twice about "wildlife warriors" and give generously to Greenpeace...

I must say here got annoyed, very much so, by the association between these two words; wildlife and warrior. First I hate war, full stop... So, please would someone other than me have to tell the Yanks and the guilable Stingraylia public that the discovery of wildlife and the protection of it thereof does not start nor end on television shows, nor does it belong exclusively to "wildlife" parks or zoos.

The destruction of habitats, the extinction of species, great and small, the destruction of the planet ARE political issues that have for many years being fought by the greens and many other before them, in a green-PEACE fashion. Not f%$#@ing warriors! Sure we had the "Rainbow-Warrior", but at the time, it was a name used to fight against nuclear proliferation which was getting us closer to NUCLEAR WAR.

I welcome the set of the fund "Wildlife Warriors" — in honour of Steve Irwin — as much as another little stone in my shoe... So why don't this newly created fund (if it is not set up yet, someone is about to do it) channels its moneys to where wildlife has been fought in the deep gullies and the necessary political actions, not in the show ponies who supported the John Howard of this world — political beasts who have helped destroy more of our environment where "Wildlife" can only survive, in peace...

Colouring in

On rainbows, Gus, yesterday I took the chance of a quick trip north in the hope of spotting a Painted Honeyeater. I stick with birds, spiders give me the creeps.

I read about those little Grantiellas being present in the Warby Range National Park, in the last week. Got there, didn't see them, but clocked a couple of Swift Parrot.

Moving on to some favourite spots in the Chiltern district, managed three Turquoise Parrot, and, as the sun was dipping, heard a Painted in the mistletoe at Bartley's Block. Caught a glimpse of the yellow wing, as it was hustled off by one of the numerous Yellow-tufted Honeyeater.

One of mine has just started a four week stint as volunteer on the Regent Honeyeater tree planting project in the Benalla district.

Got back home in time to watch Rolf's portraits on ABC TV. Man, I love this program! Adrian Edmondson, the subject for last night, was bonzer.  I wonder if we will see all of them, or only the ones we have heard of? The David Dickinson was superb, though.

A perfect obituary

Thanks Gus. This one hit it perfectly for me - the sadness, with the touch of ambiguity because of Irwin's support for that horrible creature at Kirribilli. I published it at Webdiary for that reason.

I found out about Irwin's death on Monday afternoon when I went to pick up Jacob, my son, from school. The feeling in the playground among the kids was palpable, and I think it's worth reminding ourselves that this loss is particularly profound for Australia's kids. In the wisdom of  the political ignorance of childhood, this bloke was a hero, pure and simple. He spoke to them, and the message was pure and uncomplicated. So at that moment I chose to mourn with them, rather than with us complicated adults.

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It's a crock

"Daddy, Daddy! Bindi's going to have her own empire, and I want to help. You know that money I've been earning for helping Nanna feed herself, well, I just counted it and I've got $23.16. I was going to buy Mum a Xmas present, but I want you to send it to Bindi.

Dad, if you stopped smoking and cut your beer intake in half, you could send her $1000 every year!

Please, Dad, please, please ...." 

blackfish backlash....


Bindi Irwin is facing a backlash after entering one of the United States' most heated public relations battles.

The 15-year-old, alongside mother Terri and brother Robert, announced during an appearance on the top-rating US morning TV program Good Morning America that she is teaming up with SeaWorld theme parks.

Orlando-based SeaWorld Entertainment Inc has been pounded by bad press, protests and boycotts by performers including Willie Nelson and The Beach Boys in the past year after the release of the award-winning film documentary Blackfish, which probes the treatment of killer whales at the company's theme parks.

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Note: The toon at top was created when the advertising slogan to attract tourists to Orstralya was "WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?"... A stupid campaign if I saw one... 


still remembering him fondly...

Steve Irwin's friend and manager John Stainton reflects on 10 years since Croc Hunter's death

Steve Irwin's close friend and manager has opened up about their professional and personal relationship as the 10th anniversary of the Crocodile Hunter's death nears.

John Stainton was with Irwin when he died off the coast of Port Douglas in far north Queensland 10 years ago on Sunday.

The 44-year-old was killed by a stingray while filming for his wildly popular television series.

"It's hard to talk about," Mr Stainton said.

"It was a horrific situation and I couldn't believe it was happening in front of me.

"We had been friends for years and we led an incredible life where we had been filming for more than 15 years all over the world.

"We were really good mates and absolutely enjoyed what we did together."

Mr Stainton said he and Irwin were a match made in heaven.

"I didn't know about wildlife and Steve didn't know about television," he told 612 ABC Brisbane's Kelly Higgins-Devine.


Good luck to all of Steve's family and friends...

steve, the movie...


Even after his tragic death, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin has remained a beloved Australian icon.

A decade and a half later, Hollywood wants to immortalise his life in a feature-length film – and A-listers are lining up to play him.

Terri and Bindi Irwin are reportedly in talks about a biopic that will chronicle the wild and thrilling life of their late husband and father.


Topping the list of interested parties is Russell Crowe, who was romantically linked to Terri in 2020.

The notion of her ex-flame playing her deceased husband may be a bit too messy for the 56-year-old – not to mention Crowe’s age – so she has reportedly put forward Tomorrow When The War Began star Lincoln Lewis.

And it wouldn’t be an Australian production without someone nominating a Hemsworth brother – in this case, older brother Chris.

A source said the project is gaining momentum under the Crocodile Hunter’s long-standing success in the US.

“Steve’s international appeal, particularly to Americans, can’t be ignored and this isn’t the first time a project like this has been presented to them,” the source told Women’s Day. 

“This time, however, any script that can be filmed Down Under is automatically top of the pile right now – and Hollywood bosses love Steve’s life story.

“He was saving lizards when he was six! And while his story may have ended too soon, there’s a real sense of closure now with how Bindi and Bob have taken up his legacy.”


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