Tuesday 16th of August 2022

trade bonus still on ..... ?

ADF 'deeply
regrets' Iraqi shooting

Australian Defence Force (ADF) says it deeply regrets an incident where
Australian soldiers in Baghdad opened fire on the bodyguards of Iraq's
Trade Minister, Abdel Falah al-Sudany.

One of the
guards was killed and three others wounded when their convoy followed the
Australians' convoy from Mr Sudany's compound.

The Vice
Chief of the Defence Force, Lieutenant General Ken Gillespie, has confirmed
the details of the shooting.

He says the
Australian military security detachment was conducting routine duties.

He says it
is understood they mistook a group of armed men in civilian clothes for
insurgents and started firing at them.

The men were
actually bodyguards of Mr Sudany.

The ADF was
apparently providing security for an Australian trade delegation and it is
unclear whether the Australian ambassador was amongst the group.

Gillespie says the ADF deeply regrets the injuries and loss of life that
has occurred, and has promised a thorough investigation.

Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has also launched 
an inquiry.

Gus, who has strongly been against the war from the beginning (since mid
2002 with the first public rumblings that war was coming, despite the
efforts of the "WMDs" inspectors) can only reiterate his
disgust at the useless killings, whether intentional or unintentional,
to sort a situation that could have been done without violence and
more goodwill. All the US, the UK and Australia have done is created
a huge platform for terrorism, a hundred fold and a growing insurgency
.... obviously things are not improving...

Unless the troops are fully withdrawn, there won't be any peace in that
region of the world for another 25 years... when another moronic US
president will ask us to be patient... and tell us he is NEARLY winning
the war... 

Gus deeply regrets this shooting... and all the others done in our name ...
now watch for a carefully worded inquiry result to explain the cock up.

gratitude .....

From the Sydney Morning Herald

‘Australia’s relations with the Iraqi Government were severely fractured
yesterday with the Iraqi Trade Minister threatening to ditch all trade deals
after Australian military forces opened fire on his bodyguards, killing one and
injuring four others.

The botched security operation happened on Wednesday afternoon, Baghdad
time, when an Australian military convoy was conducting a reconnaissance
mission of the route between the minister's office and the Australian embassy
in Baghdad in preparation for a meeting with an Australian trade delegation.

The Iraqi Trade Minister, Abdul Falah al-Sudany, is demanding an apology
and compensation from the Howard Government.’

Iraq Demands Apology

Why are the Iraqis so

OK, they might have a couple
of “issues” with us ….. but we are just trying to help: like we helped fund
the cruel regime that suppressed them for decades, whilst we looked the other
way; participated in the launching of an illegal, unprovoked attack on their
country & its ongoing occupation; polluted their landscape with nuclear
poison; systematically destroyed their nation’s infrastructure; stood by whilst
the heritage of the world’s oldest culture was looted & destroyed; helped
wreck their economy & conspired in the theft of their natural resources;
facilitated their introduction to poverty, disease & hopelessness;
contributed to the torture & butchery of an estimated 200,000 of their
civilian population & then proudly boasted “Mission Accomplished”. 

How else were they supposed to
learn to appreciate our “values” of freedom & democracy?

And then the ungrateful
towel-heads want an 'apology' because someone gets shot & killed, when scores of their people are being killed everyday ... & all we're trying to do is help them by letting them buy our wheat …. 

Is there really any point in trying
to help people when they are so ungrateful?

Flung sorrow

A bit hasty, there, JR?

I distinctly heard Our Leader mouth regret for ANY death in Iraq, from the Channel 9 commentary box this morning, replayed on ABC radio (transcript not available). I know he was up very early to exult in the reflection from the Socceroos (golly, what about if they had gone down 0-3?), or salivate over Nic's nuptials, or something of equal importance. And I heard him say there was no point in flinging sorrows about willy-nilly, because that only leads to accusations. But he must have been overcome by the strong coffee at the Packers, else why would he leave the door open like that? Is he losing his grip?

scurrying here, scurrying there .....

Hi TG.

I think the rodent's little feet are really scurrying in response to the "lawless" & "undemocratic" behaviour of those 10 or so "liberals" who've somehow managed to find their way into the government's ranks.

Our great princely preanster is not used to being challeged, let alone disobeyed, by anyone & being the control freak that he is, he must be experiencing a degree of discomfort over Verandah's latest inept effort on refugees & the resultant rebellion from within the ranks.

And, of course, there's no good news to be had from anywhere .... Washington, Cuba, Indonesia, China, Iraq, Afghanistan .... all clouds on our little deputy's limited horizon.

He could be excused for thinking that many of us are as "grateful" for his efforts as the Iraqis are ...... "please sir, may I have some more"?


Howard's sullen performance at the Rugby Cup three years ago is not forgotten, so he is looking forward to redemption, perhaps. His full action replay was so fulsome (I was going to suggest "scripted" or "rehearsed") that I'm glad I didn't stay awake. I'd have to say he captured that 'almost dribble' from Kewell with perfection.

Hang on, though. Isn't Alex in Europe to do the round-ball honours? If he hopes to pop up in the next round, he has a hard act to follow. But, I guess it won't matter what nonsense he sprouts. Actual content is no object when there's a backbench revolt in the wings.