Saturday 21st of May 2022

drunk on power .....

once a pisspot …. always a
pisspot …..

May Mars lose this
fundamentalist power-drunk disciple and may Bacchus welcome him again...

failed state .....

Yes Gus & like most "power junkies", including our own prime rodent, they have a bad habit of bringing down those around them.

Noam Chomky's latest assessment of the "state of the union" below ... 

‘An inability to protect its
citizens. The belief that it is above the law. A lack of democracy. Three
defining characteristics of the 'failed state'. And that, says Noam Chomsky, is
exactly what the US is becoming. 

In an exclusive extract from his
devastating new book, America's leading thinker explains how his country lost
its way.’ 

Why It's
Over For America

Go flog yarself

From the ABC

Bush vows to punish any Marines found guilty over Haditha killings
US President George W Bush has vowed to punish any US Marine guilty of shooting Iraqi civilians at Haditha but Iraqis, including the Prime Minister, complain that US troops have killed elsewhere with impunity.

"There is a thorough investigation going on. If ... laws were broken there will be punishment," President Bush said.

Mate Dubya, Gus can see ya comin'... Yar will blame yar pawns for doin' somethin' crook... Well ya should start looking in yar pockets, mate.

Spreadin' big fat porkies to go to war is offence numero uno... !
That's like breaking the law 100,000 times!
Yeah, 100,000 deaths are a lotta blood on yar hands.
And doin' eaves droppin' on the good folks of Yankeeland... !
Illegal wire-tapping is highly unconnstitutional. breaking the law millions of time over!
Decrees that allow torture not to be torture... !
Around the world, yar rendition and yar prisons are a disgrace to humanity...
Not to mention breaking the international laws!
Mate you should die of shame by now but that's only the begining of your sin list!
I'll let your heart, if ya've got any, to find the rest...

In the meantime, go flog yarself in front of the god yar quote so much... then vanish. Ya've done enough damage in yar life time.

freedom's kiss .....

Bushit gone blotto

From the Moscow Times

Global Eye

Insanity Defense

By Chris Floyd
Published: June 30, 2006

That the United States, once touted as the world's greatest democracy, is now ruled by a presidential dictatorship is a fact beyond any serious dispute. Indeed, the nation's political establishment seems to have accepted this revolutionary system with remarkable docility, even as its lineaments are further exposed week by week. The Bush administration no longer bothers to hide the novel theory of government that undergirds its coup, but declares it openly, in court, in Congress, everywhere.

The theory holds that the president has the arbitrary right to ignore any law that he feels is an unconstitutional infringement of his power -- and a law is automatically unconstitutional if the president feels it infringes on his power. This neatly squared circle makes Congress irrelevant and removes the judiciary from the loop altogether. Thus, the only effective instrument of power left in the land is the "unitary executive": the fancy modern name that the legal minions of President George W. Bush have given to the ancient concept of "tyranny."

The true nature of this presidential dictatorship has been laid bare in a harrowing new book from reporter Ron Suskind, "The One Percent Doctrine." Suskind, who once coaxed the regime's defining ethos from an arrogant Bushist -- "We're an empire now, and when we act, we create our own reality" -- paints a portrait of an administration drunk on lawless power, a junta operated from the shadows by the grim and literally heart-dead husk called Vice President Dick Cheney and his long-time companion in skulduggery, Defense Secretary Don Rumsfeld...

Read it all at the Moscow Times...