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Those avid readers of this site would already know that we are on top of these figures... A few months ago, we alerted the world — this little YD world at least — on the World Prison Population List coming from the International Center for Prison Studies at King's College London... These figures exposed the hypocrisy of the US on their pointing the finger at other countries human rights failures... Here Chris Floyd picks up the same pieces and elaborates.. Read more at the Moscow Times...

Global Eye
Gates of Eden

By Chris Floyd
Published: May 19, 2006

Beneath the thunder of the mighty cataclysms unleashed by the Bush administration -- the war crime in Iraq, the global torture gulag, the epic corruption, the gutting of the U.S. Constitution, the open embrace of presidential tyranny -- a quieter degradation of American society has continued apace. And this slow descent into barbarism didn't begin with President George W. Bush, although his illicit regime certainly represents the apotheosis of the dark forces driving the decay.

With the world's attention diverted by the latest scandals and shameless posturings of the Bush faction -- domestic spying, bribes and hookers at the CIA, military units roaring down to the border to scare unarmed poor people looking for work -- few noticed a small story that cast a harsh, penetrating light on the corrosion of the national character.

Earlier this month, the International Center for Prison Studies at King's College London released its annual World Prison Population List. And there, standing proudly at the head of the line, towering far above all others, is that shining city on the hill, the United States of America. But strangely enough, the Bush gang and its media sycophants failed to celebrate -- or even note -- yet another instance where a triumphant America leads the world. Where are the cheering hordes shouting "U.S.A! U.S.A!" at the news that the land of the free imprisons more people than any other country in the world, both in raw numbers and as a percentage of its population?

Yes, the world's greatest democracy now has more than 2 million of its citizens locked up in iron cages, an incarceration rate of 714 per 100,000 of the national population. The only countries within shouting distance are such bastions of penological enlightenment as China (1.55 million prisoners, plus some unsorted "administrative detainees"), Russia (a wimpy 763,000) and Brazil (330,000), whose exemplary prison management has been on such prominent display this week

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Split republican peas

From the ABC

Former Bush backer urges Republican split
In an open split with the US President George W Bush, a powerful American conservative lobbyist has called for like-minded Americans to stop funding the Republican party and start an independent movement instead.

Richard Viguerie was instrumental in cementing the winning coalitions behind Ronald Reagan in 1980 and George W. Bush in 2000 but he has now declared conservatives have become disillusioned with congressional Republicans.

He has called on conservatives to form a powerful movement that is independent of any party and boycott November's election.

Instead, he suggests that they lay the groundwork for an election campaign in 2008 and hope that a new generation of conservative leaders has emerged by then.

Mr Viguerie's public outburst is seen as another ominous sign for the party less than six months before the November congressional vote.

A Washington Post-ABC News opinion poll released last week found Republican disapproval of Mr Bush's presidency has increased from 16 per cent to 30 per cent in just one month.

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Meanwhile our little grocer from Kirriblli steadfast shakes the hand of this little US president who's becoming a miniature of himself day after day.

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in 136:
The proportion of
U.S. residents serving time in prison, according to a Bureau of Justice
Statistics report. The report “found that 62 percent of people in jails have
not been convicted
, meaning many of them are awaiting trial.”