Tuesday 24th of May 2022

Adelaide Submarine Constructors Recruited From Classrooms

On May 13th 2005 I introduced my first Your Democracy Blog with these words:   I am writing this blog because South Australia needs help. We are an
extremely strategically located city, for years headquarters of
Murdoch, Halliburton and BAE, and are being systematically brainwashed
into becoming defence industry drones without ever being given the
choice of taking this path.

Now I learn that the submarine project, constructed at a facility controlled by Halliburton's former Global Vice President for Infrastructure, is to begin a campaign to entice our kids into becoming defence construction workers

{from the Adelaide Advertiser]

"One of the things we see is a need to attract
people to the industry," Mr Gallacher said. "It's not just going out
and offering people a job. We think, in schools, that teachers,
students and even the parents need to understand it's an attractive

 A national skills shortage meant the shipbuilders would be battling mining and resources firms for workers.

"There's definitely a shortage of skills across the country. It will have an impact on us," Mr Gallacher said.

"That's why we're keen to go out and recruit and train and upskill people."

Mr Gallacher said some overseas recruitment would be conducted
to replace staff diverted from ASC's submarine arm to the shipbuilding

ASC, formerly the Australian Submarine Corporation, beat
Victorian-based shipbuilder Tenix for the contract to build three
hi-tech air warfare destroyers for the navy, the first to be delivered
in 2013.

The State Government is injecting more than $140 million into a
shipbuilding precinct, near ASC's Outer Harbor headquarters, which
include a maritime skills training centre.

Premier Mike Rann announced plans for the centre in February last year.

The construction of this new infrastructure is expected to
create contracting jobs. Mr Gallacher said ASC was meshing with State
Government efforts to boost South Australia's population, including the
Adelaide - Make The Move campaign targeting interstate migration.


Our children will be

Our children will be recruited to become defense workers and build warfare destroyers. This would become a career in the future as Adelaide Submarine Constructors have said. But I strongly disagree with this. Atlantis Submarine Hawaii