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Sydney Morning
Herald.                                                May 18, 2006.


Perhaps Defence
Minister Brendan Nelson should ask Derryn Hinch for a copy of the missing Kovco
Report, given that the Chief of the ADF doesn’t have it (“PM apologises to Kovco
family”, Herald, May 17).


Given that it seems
beyond the capabilities of the ADF, Derryn could doubtless also update the
Minister on the status of the Seasprite debacle, the latest allegations of
victimisation of ADF personnel, made by Lieutenant-Commander Fahy &
the ADF’s 7 year-old investigation into the alleged torture & execution of
Indonesian militia prisoners in East Timor by members of the SAS in

Who shot P. K.?

From the SMH
PM apologises to Kovco family
Prime Minister John Howard has apologised to the family of Private Jake Kovco after the military lost a draft report of an investigation into the bungled return of his body from Iraq.

Howard said it was unacceptable that a senior officer had left a CD containing the report at Melbourne Airport, where it was found and handed to broadcaster Derryn Hinch.

Pte Kovco died in Baghdad last month after being shot in the head by his own pistol.
Brigadier Cosson also said in her report Private Kovco's platoon sergeant, Colin Hoekstra, who was charged with accompanying the body of his friend back to Australia, was too close emotionally to the soldier, and was not trained enough to handle such grief.

He had been in the room with Private Kovco when his weapon fired, and was present when he died two hours later in hospital. Sergeant Hoekstra was supposed to stay with the body to ensure he arrived home, but the report said he did not.

Private Kovco died from a single gunshot wound to his head when his pistol discharged. His body was left behind in a mortuary in Kuwait and that of a Bosnian man was brought to Australia instead.
read more at the SMH

Okay now we know that private Kovco was shot in the head with his own pistol?...
we now know that another soldier, Colin Hoekstra, who was in the room when Jake Kovco "was shot", was charged with accompanying the body of his friend back to Australia, was too close emotionally to the soldier, and was not trained enough to handle such grief.

So what happened?... And what gremlins are helping the AusForces to badly bungle and bungle — as describe by one of the Kovco family member — like Basil in "Fawlty Towers"?

Soldiers are trained every day to kill (that's what the army is for) but not handle the grief of someone being killed? thousands being killed? One friend being killed?

A full report will never find the truth if the Army does not want the truth to be known...

No information to eliminate speculation

No information released so far dismisses the possibility that Kovco was killed by someone on our side, perhaps as a method of silencing damaging information returning to Australia.

It is known amongst Vietnam vets that some Australian soldiers that stepped on mines didn't do so accidentally.

I'm looking at three cards at the moment.  One depicts the unknown nature of Kovco's death, another the death of the Adelaide-resident Iraqi Professor Of Agriculture, The third is of an Australian Cabinet desperate to whitewash the effects of an inquiry into Australian agricultural trade in Iraq.

I've even gone as far to think of possibilities that might explain Kovco's death.  Given that the laptop and the gun were supposedly on the top bunk when Kovco died, I'd like to know if it was possible that the computer might have, in overseeing a "virtual" game of russian roulette, somehow have electronically caused the Browning to fire.  If this is what happenned then many things would make sense.

My original hypothesis is still one I consider to still be equally as plausible.

Murdoch pulling strings, again?

Shaping up to be another job for the ...... Lone Gunmen

Watching the endless parade of tomfoolery at Chez Bush, I am more inclined to believe DNA reveals human-chimp crossbreeding

As if all this wasn't enough, now a real worry has popped up - Japanese power plant secrets leaked by virus. The wrong hands on the levers, and civilisation comes to a crashing halt.