Tuesday 24th of May 2022

Halliburton's Share

As protesters gather in Oklahoma for this year's Halliburton stockholders meeting, Corpwatch Director Pratap Chatterjee has given an excellent overview of Halliburton's involvement in oil exploration.

[extract from Democracy Now broadcast} 

"Halliburton is actually one of the principle players in the issue of
climate change, and the reason is that it's so profitable for them and
for the oil companies. Halliburton, in fact, is the company that
pioneered a lot of the offshore drilling technologies, the fracturing
technologies. So it's incredibly profitable for them to do this work,
and they do this and they’re part of pretty much every major oil
operation around the world.

So whether you're talking about gas
pipelines in the Caspian Sea or you're talking about Alaska,
Halliburton has been there and been part of that, and they continue to
profit in countries from Nigeria, and today, actually, in Peru, the
largest natural gas reserve being tap in the Amazonian rainforest is a
project between Hunt Energy of Texas and Halliburton. So, the more oil
that's tapped when, as we fail to look for or implement alternatives,

Halliburton is a company that profits out of that. It's not just Shell
and Exxon. Every single one of those companies uses Halliburton, and
therefore they profit from every single oil exploration project there
is, whether it’s offshore or onshore."

Chatterjee has just released an alternative report on the company's activities for the year, which I'll report on ASAP 


oil fumes .....

‘A U.S. district court judge has ordered the
Army to release 14 documents, including six emails, dealing with the
Halliburton oil contract in Iraq.

U.S. District Court Judge Ricardo M. Urbina also ordered the Army to give
to the court an additional six documents for the court to review to make a
further determination.  

At issue is a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by Judicial Watch,
an anti-corruption public interest group. Judicial Watch believes the award of
a multi-billion contract to Halliburton subsidiary KBR for the restoration of
Iraq's oil fields may have been unduly influenced by Vice President Dick
Cheney, who headed Halliburton for five years prior to joining President
George. W. Bush's campaign.’

Has To Turn Over Halliburton Documents