Tuesday 24th of May 2022

big leaks for a little bush .....

adapted from the ABC …..

PM predicts relationship with US will grow closer

By US correspondent Kim Landers

Prime Minister John Howard arrived in Washington at the weekend but he is
only just now catching up with his good friend and ally, US President
George W Bush.

The President and his wife are about to join Mr and Mrs Howard in planting
saplings, taken from 200-year-old trees at the White House at the home of
the Australian Ambassador in Washington.

Read the whole tree planting at the ABC

How close can one get?

How closer can one get without getting asphyxiated by bean-eating US presidents?

The US is not the land of opportunity... It is the land of kings and courtiers, now known as lobbyists and visiting Prime Ministers... The sceptre goes around a few families, but the nobility stays the same, anointing two of their own as the next king. Just to appear democratic, they divide the camps in half and let voters decide whom of the two "anointed" shall rule and to the same trumpeting that sell gallons of olive oil under the name of Zeus-kin, it does not matter who wins as lobbyists line the pockets of anything that moves in congress... for a small favour... A fiver (5 million bucks) for a favor... So, is that corruption? who knows? It could be legislated as incentives...