Tuesday 28th of March 2023

a sith lord .....

‘He was the undisputed ruler of
one world, convinced that the larger world outside his own immediate control
was corrupt, lacking inspiring heroes and proper values. He acted boldly on the
belief that through his own genius, combined with force, manipulation, and
powerful weapons he had no hand in creating, he could make a difference - a
positive difference, one he'd eventually be lauded for, petty carpers be

To actuate his initially
well-intentioned scheme, he launched an enormous, convoluted and confusing set
of manipulations, tried to rid the world of magic, generated an interplanetary
war, and built a giant cosmic tower capable of creating an endless array of
alternate earths from scratch, powered by the energy forces of kidnapped
Martians, Kryptonians, and random superbeings.’ 

Is American Foreign Policy
An Infinite Crisis?

white cactus under the nose

From the BBC

US criticises new UN rights body
The US has attacked the newly-formed United Nations Human Rights Council after countries such as Cuba were elected to its 47-member body.
Cuba, China and Pakistan are among many nations considered to have poor rights records which have joined the new body.
The US envoy to the UN, John Bolton, said the council looked set to inherit the flaws of its predecessor, the discredited UN Human Rights Commission.
Rights groups have broadly welcomed the creation of the new council.
Many countries that had belonged to the disbanded Human Rights Commission and had been accused of violating human rights did not seek membership to the council.
The head of New York-based pressure group, Human Rights Watch, said the absence of several "spoiler governments" from the new body would make its work easier.
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Sure WE all know that John Bolton — whose country, the US also makes that list of poor human rights record considering the US have nearly 4 times more prisoners per capita than the next country, run prisons like Gitmo, etc, and execute about 100 people per year — feels this peculiar way because he grows a white cactus under his nose... and wear his hair like a tufted tough wig. But enough personal description... His attitude sux. He needs to grow a bit of diplomatic chest hair...

Lex Luthor = Super-Bush

A hair's breadth away - Scientology Unveiling "Super Power" Training Program...

Apparently, it puts world Clearing within reach of the future.

Is this complete c-r-a-p or something to worry about?

make believe .....

‘Most of us are familiar with the saying: "Time flies
when you're having fun." After all, five hours of flight turbulence feels
much longer than five hours on a beach resort. In fact, scientists have
demonstrated that patterns of activity in the brain tend to accelerate in
response to positive emotional stimulations, and vice versa. 

That perhaps explains why the
booming 1990s time seemed to have passed without us noticing it, and why, on
the other hand, the next three years of the Bush Administration will probably
seem to drag and drag. 

Indeed, the NBC television comedy
show, "Saturday Night Life" featured recently a (make-believe)
President George W. Bush sitting in the (make-believe) Oval Office and
admitting to his (make-believe) Vice-President, Dick Cheney, that all he was
hoping for was to be transported by a time machine to the last months of 2008
during which his term in office would end.’ 

The Decline & Fall Of

red state fascism .....

year, a number of writers, including Lew Rockwell
of the Mises Institute, Scott McConnell of The American Conservative, and myself, among others,
took up the question of whether or not America is going fascist.
A unique confluence of various factors gave rise to this kind of speculation:
the leader cult
that had grown up around the president, the worship of the
military, and a foreign policy stance
somewhere between old-style British
and Soviet-style "liberation" (as when the Red Army
Afghanistan in the 1970s).  

started the discussion with his perceptive comments on "Red State
," and the topic soon became a subject of debate all over the
Internet, as well as in print. I chimed in on
several occasions
with my own somewhat pessimistic prognosis. Scott was
more optimistic, yet still clearly worried about the future prospects of a
genuinely fascist regime taking hold in the land of the free. The existence of
government "data-miners" with full access to our phone records, our financial records,
and every
bit of data they can dig up, provides yet more evidence that Rockwell
is right about the rising fascist danger.’

Fascism: Are We There Yet?