Tuesday 28th of May 2024

Was Juma Assassinated To Protect Downer ?

It's a horrible question to ask, but upon hearing that Messrs Downer and Vaille are to testify at the AWB Commission next week, and on rereading Haifa Zangwana's piece on the assasinations of academics ( currently on page 3 of Webiary home page) I was struck by one of those horrible trains of thought.

Kays Juma was a Professor of Agriculture in Iraq. He would have had a detailed knowledge of the status quo of agriculture-based aid activities in Iraq, and the fact he was also an Adelaide-resident probably would have motivated him to be aware of details such as the differences in Ausaid and USaid agriculture programs and the methodology of their implementation. As an academic he would have been privy to more information than would have been supplied to the CPA.

What could happen if this particular Aussie resident was called to testify at the Cole Commission? The speculation I made above is probably the tip of the iceburg of scenaria that have been contemplated by DFAT "focus groups". I would also speculate that a DFAT thinktank privy to more information than I have might have considered the possibility that Jumas, who would be an extremely media-friendly witness, could reveal information that might end the careers of Downer, Vaille, and even the Prime Minister himself.

In the light of such a premise it could be considered much more "expedient" that an old Iraqi was hosed with bullets by low-grade mercenaries.

If this approach was taken, it has a major flaw. In spite of Downer's smokescreen implication that Juma's killers were of dubious quality, it is more likely that they were highly trained and extremely efficient. Their corporation, whose services were promoted by the US Embassy, had a strong contingent of counterterrorism from many countries, and their security director was the former head of the Australian SAS Counter Terrorism Unit.

The fact that the company Mr Downer was smearing was regarded so favourably in international circles is a clue to a possible lie. Jumas' death may be relevant to the AWB Commission.

There's an easly way of proving or disproving my assassination hypothesis. Mr Aguis could ask Mr Downer on Tuesday. If anything that Downer says relating to the matter while under oath turns out to be a blatant lie, then it will definitely be "Game Over"

Mr Downer would benefit, in considering his responses to Mr Aguis' questions,do well to consider that information can come out of Iraq very quickly. One possible source of local information, an Australian-based Iraqi Professor Of Agriculture, no longer exists. However, there are others.

good question, Richard...

Good question regarding professor Juma's death (see blog above)... for which we can never find the answer... Yet a question that cannot be asked officially... or even casually without being accused of being a "conspiracy theorist". We want to live...

Not the first time such a thing would "happen" mind you...

History is littered with dead people who could have shed some light on this or that event or subject, directly or indirectly involved... Firing squads, guillotine, hanging noose, witches burned...

Accidental death and "Suicide" are one of the most discreet modern options... Like that US fellow in the nineteen-fifties who was "suicided" from the humpteenth floor of a building by the CIA with which he'd worked as the developer of cocktails of drugs, truth serums and other chemical agents... His son investigated the stint thirty years later and eventually got the truth out AND an apology from the President at the time...

The "suicide" of David Kelly in England, prior to the war in Iraq, raised the same question... And even if the dear fellow suicided for real, the political pressures for telling porkies put upon him were enormous. But my instinct, if I can use that word, lead me to a few uneasy questions... In the same way as there are anti-depressant drugs, there are depressant drugs (not officially on the market)... And contrary to popular beliefs spread by CSI on television, there are drugs that leave no trace. And some are deadly..

In the same breath, we have also to consider the other side of the equation... such as "agents provocateurs", used secretely by government to stir "peaceful' protests... so the police can intervene and show the "peaceful" protesters as morons and aggressors... In a country like Australia, with various levels of governments, some "agents" will work with one level (say federal) against another level (say state). Even political parties have their head kickers, and in these organisations, they are "protected' species because they "have the dirt" on their colleagues... It's part of the system to ensure everyone tows the line...

We should not ignore also "government spies" in industry... People used as stirrers or inflitrate trade union movements or even management... Some are "free agents" some are "cultivated" without their knowledge and some are straight out "secret org" material... Scarry?... Not every one is in the loop (very few are) and the system works, doesn't it?...

Who's Writing The Script?

Never mind "agents provocateur", Gus what about "actors provocateur" ?

Go back over my "Wag The Doug" blog (with the benefit of hindsight) and you'll see what I think might be occuring here.

Now combine Kelly, Juma and Doug Wood and see what you extrapolate.  Scary, isn't it ?


Could not agree more, Richard...

dead people working for the police...

Britain's largest police force stole the identities of an estimated 80 dead children and issued fake passports in their names for use by undercover police officers.

The Metropolitan police secretly authorised the practice for covert officers infiltrating protest groups without consulting or informing the children's parents.

The details are revealed in an investigation by the Guardian, which has established how over three decades generations of police officers trawled through national birth and death records in search of suitable matches.

Undercover officers created aliases based on the details of the dead children and were issued with accompanying identity records such as driving licences and national insurance numbers. Some of the police officers spent up to 10 years pretending to be people who had died.

The Met said the practice was not "currently" authorised, but announced an investigation into "past arrangements for undercover identities used by SDS [Special Demonstration Squad] officers".


police working for the police...

When disturbing video footage emerged of a naked man being brutally beaten by riot police as he lay cowering on the roadside on Friday night, many Egyptians compared the scenes to the worst abuses of state power under former president Hosni Mubarak’s regime.

But as anti-government vitriol mounted – fuelled by the no-holds-barred TV clips showing baton-wielding officers hauling their victim across the asphalt – a strange thing happened.

The man at the centre of the storm, an impoverished 50-year-old painter called Hamada Saber, emerged on state television and blamed protesters for the violent attack.

Lying in his bed at the police hospital after the assault, he told an interviewer that he had been stripped of his clothes by anti-government demonstrators then robbed.

The startling volte-face appeared to take the heat off the Egyptian government, which had been facing a renewed excoriation over its failure to reform the reviled police service.