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failed government .....

‘"Imperial overreach" is too fancy a term for
what the Bush administration has actually done. While its officials have talked
a great game when it came to achieving "victory" in Iraq and
exporting democracy to the Middle East, its main exports have turned out to be
mayhem and ruins. And those it can continue to export. 

With every new move, yet more rubble, yet more terror, and
undoubtedly yet more terrorists in Iraq and, sooner or later, in the wider
region will be created. This is where the most essential choices made by the
President, Vice President, and their chosen officials in the days after
September 11, 2001 have taken us.’ 

The Hyperpower
Hype & Where It Took Us

Raw meat... Blow flies...

From the Moscow Times

Global Eye
Beastly Behavior

By Chris Floyd
Published: April 7, 2006

So now we are down to the raw meat at last. One by one, the justifications mouthed by the makers of the Iraq War have been stripped away, revealed as gossamer tissues of lies and obfuscation: weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi involvement in Sept. 11, reducing terrorism and, of course, bringing democracy to the Iraqi people. This last rag has been the one clutched most fiercely of late by the warlords in Washington and London, but now it too has been cast aside. All that's left is the naked, slathering beast of power, imposing its will on a conquered land -- and blaming its victims, even as it chews them to pieces.

This past week saw an astounding display of hypocrisy and bad faith by those twin towers of the U.S. establishment: the government (or rather, the unconstitutional military junta fronted by President George W. Bush) and the corporate media. Together they made it abundantly clear that the elite now regard Iraqis as ungrateful, useless trash, unfit to choose their own leaders -- and unworthy of the "great sacrifice" America has made in looting and savaging their country in an unprovoked war of aggression.

First the junta dispatched hit-gal Condi Rice, with her gormless valet Jack Straw in tow, to expedite the removal of Ibrahim al-Jaafari, the man selected as prime minister in the "democratic process" established by the Bush faction.

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on ignorance & delusion .....

‘Many Americans have remained oblivious to the impact
that the Abu Ghraib photos and other torture reports have on foreigners. How
would Americans have responded if the roles had been reversed? 

Consider the case of Jessica
Lynch, the 20-year-old blond, blued-eyed, attractive West Virginian Army supply
clerk captured after her supply convoy was attacked during the invasion of

What if Americans had seen photos
of Lynch with blood running from cuts on her thighs, cowering before attack
dogs lurching at her? What if Americans saw photos of a hooded Lynch with wires
attached to her body, looking like she was awaiting electrocution? What if
Americans saw videos of Lynch screaming whilst being assaulted by Iraqi

Such evidence would likely have
swayed millions of Americans to support dropping nuclear bombs on Iraq. And yet
many Americans refuse to recognize how similar evidence inflames Arabs’
attitudes toward the United States.’ 

American Democracy Indicted