Saturday 21st of May 2022

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‘March 20 is the third anniversary of the Bush regime's
invasion of Iraq. US military casualties to date are approximately 20,000
killed, wounded, maimed, and disabled. Iraqi civilian casualties number in the
tens of thousands. Iraq's infrastructure is in ruins. Tens of thousands of
homes have been destroyed. Fallujah, a city of 300,000 people had 36,000 of its
50,000 homes destroyed by the US military. Half of the city's former population
are displaced persons living in tents. 

Thousands of Iraqis have been
detained in prisons and hundreds have been brutally tortured. America's
reputation in the Muslim world is ruined. 

The Bush regime expected a short
"cakewalk" war to be followed by the imposition of a puppet
government and permanent US military bases. Instead, US military forces are
confronted with an insurgency that has denied control over Iraq to the US
military. Chaos rules, and civil war may be coming on top of the insurgency.'

Why Did Bush Destroy

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‘Well, it seems we are truly slouching – stumbling
drunkenly, actually – toward war with Iran. While I've hemmed and hawed on the
subject, it seems at this point that Team Bush will, sometime before the fall
(and possibly as soon as the summer), attack Iran. It appears as inevitable as
the coming of spring or the raising of the federal debt limit.

The war, if it comes, will not be
fought because Iran is trying to create a euro-denominated spot and futures
market for oil. Nor will it come because Iran is allegedly pursuing nuclear
weapons, though that will be the excuse given at forums in New York, in salons
across Europe, and at angry, hectoring press conferences here in

No, the real reason the United States
will wage war on Iran is because the Bush Jong Il régime will decide the only
way to save face and withdraw from Iraq with some "dignity" in fact
is to bomb Iran.’ 

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by Mark Fiore