Wednesday 28th of February 2024

mea culpa .....

First Francis Fukuyama, then Tony
Blair & now, here it is: a soul searching speech from the rodent on Iraq –
as close to a mea culpa as we’re ever likely to get. Maybe he has been taking
too many red ones? 

John Howard's Address To
The Deakin Society

Please send this astonishing
speech to your friends, before it disappears.



As Gus & TG Kerr have already suggested, this "speech" by John Howard is, in fact a hoax & never happended ....... it is the product of a 1st class satirist ...... Richard Neville.

Although I was filled with disbelief when I first read it, the fact that the various links all worked & were, in fact, genuine, was sufficient for me to believe that the rodent must have experienced an epiphany, although I suspected he must have been taking some "red ones".

I was going to take the piece down but think that the truths contained in it are valid, regardless of its true authorship. The fact that our Prime Minister won't / can't acknowledge those truths says everything about his integrity & morality, as well as the tragedy that he helped create in Iraq.

Please read "mea culpa" as a piece of satire.

Mirror on the wall

Is this for real? Johnnee?

Before committing Aussie troops in 2002/2003, I though you should have known that chaos in Iraq would result from a US led invasion... Anyone with a brain also knew there was no WMDs in Iraq although the diplomacy and the inspections were difficult..

So why did you take us with it? Sell more fairy bread to the Yankees...? Is this awakening speech to the Deakin society a trick so that you can "reinforce" your core "belief" that Saddam really had WMDs...? No good, Johnnee... Too late. see there was a few of us who had categorical information to the contrary. We also knew that you knew there was no WMDs in Iraq... And if not to demolish your entire argument re your presentation of your "belief" at the time to the Australian public, someone called Andrew Wilkie wrecked a few of your windows...

Very brave of you to acknowledge that things are not smelling good in Iraq, (Aussie troops are lucky so far) but half the truth is still missing... Like the porkies to go to war...

So since this soul searching has begun" can you stop your mate, buddy, or whatever you call him in the White House, doing any more damage? Can you stop him from attacking Iran for example? That would be swell... Than you...


This looks like a hoax.

errr... I agree

Needs some more checks done on this one... Too"honest" yet not quite...

Hoax it is...

It's a nice try... A wonderful hoax very well done.
I had doubts about it this is why I asked the question: is this for real?...

This speech does not figure on the true site of the PM... Pity Oh Pity... because it was a good start on the road to Damascus for our little rodent...

This the Johnnee on the road to salvation:

This is the stuff on HIS real site

* Address at Commonwealth Day Reception, Admiralty House, Sydney, 13 March 2006
* Address to a Business Lunch, hosted by the Indo-Australian Chamber of Commerce, Taj Connermera, Chennai, 08 March 2006
* Address to the Indian Institute of Technology Madras, Chennai, 08 March 2006
* Address to the Bombay Chamber of Commerce Luncheon, Taj Mahal Hotel, Mumbai, 07 March 2006
* Address to the Business Luncheon, Diwan-I-Am Room, New Delhi, 06 March 2006
* Address at the Launch of the Howard Factor, Parliament House, Canberra, 02 March 2006
* Joint Press Conference with the Hon. Tony Abbott, Minister for Health and Ageing, Parliament House, Canberra, 02 March 2006
* Address to the 10th Anniversary Dinner, Westin Hotel, Sydney, 02 March 2006
* Address to 10th Anniversary Dinner, Great Hall, Parliament House, 01 March 2006


* Address at the Special Forces Task Group Welcome Home, Campbell Barracks, Swanbourne, 25 February 2006
* Address at the Woolworths Support Office, Bella Vista, Sydney, 23 February 2006
* Address at the launch of the SA Liberal Party's Land Tax Policy, 22 February 2006
* Address at the launch of the Workforce Tomorrow Industry breakfast, Hilton Hotel, Sydney, 20 February 2006

Useless war except for pipelines

From the ABC

PM outraged by Afghan Christian convert case
Prime Minister John Howard says he will be personally protesting against the possible execution of an Afghan man for converting to Christianity.

The man is on trial in Afghanistan for converting from Islam to Christianity and Mr Howard says he will be writing to President Hamid Karzai to express his unhappiness.

Mr Howard has told Southern Cross radio the case is appalling.

"When I saw the report about this, I felt sick - literally," he said.

"It's an appalling thing, that we are fighting, we are putting the lives of Australian soldiers on the line and this sort of thing is allowed, I mean this is outrageous."

Gus is also appalled and hope this is not a mea culpa hoax once more:
Good on you, Mr Howard... we've tried to expose this case for a while, here... And while you're at it why don't you say "I have been putting the lives... etc"... Because We, the MAJORITY of the people at the time of going to war (especially Iraq) did not support YOUR decision, because because because...

... because, in simplified terms, war changes the landscape and the political dynamic, but rarely does it change the heart and minds of ingrained cultural beliefs.