Tuesday 16th of August 2022

War On Terror's Qinetiq-ally Generated Profit

Qinetiq, the privatised arm of the UK MInistry of Defence, currently controlled by the Bush/Bin Laden firm Carlyle, are keen to take care of us all at sporting events.

Mr Simon Stringer, director of Qinetiq's Security and Intelligence Division said recently that he"would never encourage the use of technology for technology's sake. There may be instances, for example, where the best course of action is to change the way your security personnel are trained and briefed before an event. Alternatively, a simple process change like altering the way spectators are directed into a venue may produce the required result. However, when appropriate, properly applied and deployed technology is what the military refer to as a real force multiplier."

"The military is well versed at detailed planning for massively complex operations. To ensure preparedness they exploit a variety of tools, such as planning software, 3D modelling and synthetic environments which use highly accurate immersive models against which blast modelling and vulnerability analysis can be conducted. Other technologies and capabilities such as digital mapping, multiple sensor integration and surveillance optimisation models have consistently proven their worth to the armed forces in critical operational situations and these capabilities are increasingly available to civil security operators." he said.

"Building on its defence technology research has allowed QinetiQ to develop an in-depth understanding of how this technology and science can be applied to the security market and, in this instance, best address the threats and vulnerabilities faced by sport event organisers. With a track record in counter-terrorism and associated projects aimed at protecting the UK's critical national infrastructure we are excited by the prospect of bringing this expertise to bear in the area of event security."

(Mr Stringers comments from Security Park.Net )

No doubt all of this technological expertise would be useful for Melbourne's forthcoming Commonwealth Games, and because it exists, it probably needs to be used- there's no doubt a pre-conceived legal argument for post-attack litigation on the the grounds of culpable negligence if the maximum achievable level of security is not applied. (I've got to stop reading these sites.. learning the language!!)

Qinetiq, who have been trialing their technology at Sydney airport, are about to float on the London Stock Exchange,  Applied defence technology is expected to be the next boom (bigger than dot-com) as the resources boom subsides. 

Billionaires need new methods to profit from the populace, and this will be an easy one.

No doubt a trial at the Commonwealth Games would be useful in contract bids for events such as future Olympic Games.   Expect to hear more soon.  I wonder if we'll see Talon War Robots checking tickets?

And to think, if it weren't for the families Bin Laden and Bush, we wouldn't need the stuff! 

Welcome to the business end of the War On Terror

Crowd control

My employer is putting in a rush order on a Talon with the .50-cal mount.

Kim Beazley, Julia Gillard and the Victorian Health Minister will be at Monash Medical Centre on Friday, to "deliver Labor's health blueprint, with an emphasis on children's health."

The Talon will be deployed to keep Beazley away from the hospital's many vending machines, that dispense diabetes-inducing products.  A pity, because it would make a great photo-op.

Since the site of the visit is about 1km from the Hotham electorate office, the robot will be able to keep Simon Crean's goon squad out of the meeting. Simon is having surgery today, to remove the daggers from his back.

Facing realities

My family runs a music venue in Adelaide that holds 700 people.  Paul Kelly, the Whitlams, Janis Ian, Johnny Johnstone, Ben Lee... we say g'day at the door and don't have security guards.  Who needs 'em? Treat people like human beings and you don't have trouble.

A few months back we built the ticket box... I made jokes about not having enough room to hold the scanning equipment... guess I might have been wrong.

We've always sworn that should we be required to implement security guards we will walk away. To comply would be against the ideals for which we created the venue.  Departing would be the end of a decade's work to create an ongoing musical environment in which all forms of music, not just mass-advertised Top 40, has a public forum in the New World Order.

I wonder how long it will be before we are forced to make the choice?


stay put ....

Just stay in Adelaide Richard & I reckon you'll never have to make that choice, unlike thos of us in Sydney or Melbourne.



Nope, John, Adelaide's on the same track


John, when you're watching your government introduce total public transport camera coverage 'because of the war on terror" you know that Adelaide won't be any more immune to the Carlyle Plan (as I now call it) than anywhere else.

[from the Tiser]

"In the wake of the tragic London bombings last year, we have been reviewing security across the whole of government.

"Transport security has always been a priority for all governments, but this investment means every train, tram and bus can be monitored to help deter illegal activity, including vandalism and assaults."

Currently, 300 buses and 70 railcars are covered by still cameras, while closed circuit television cameras monitor train stations and transport interchanges.

This represents about 40 per cent of the public transport fleet.

The State Government is tendering for cameras for 510 buses and 23 railcars. They will be bought this financial year and installed in stages.

For commercial reasons, the exact figure of the new camera investment cannot yet be released.

I can hear Orwell's ghost having another giggle.