Tuesday 16th of August 2022

At the townhall of Fulsome City

At the townhall of Fulsome City

Quoting one letter to the SMH

Did I hear John Howard refer to Rupert Murdoch's "fulsome praise"? If so, did he mean it? Meaning of the word "fulsome": odious, cloying, disgusting by excess. Hmm … yep, he meant it.

Pass the KY

There's a feeling that we are in for a lot more backslapping, and trumpeting of strumpetry, with the bombast, bluster and bullshit turned up to full volume, resulting in the pleasure of being thoroughly jumbucked.

Enough of hospitals and miserable cripples, how's the Ashes going? Heeyuh-huh-huh. Ain't it grand to live in a democracy, where we can disagree with the PM?

Staying in Iraq? Oh yes, that was a decision arrived at ... urrrrr ... demokkkratically.

KY for all our Leaders?

And I thought they were pissing in each other's pocket... Silly me.

Quit while you're winning...

From the ABC and a well informed Murdoch

PM should quit while on top: Murdoch
News Corporation chairman Rupert Murdoch says Prime Minister John Howard should quit while he is ahead.

There has been renewed speculation about when Mr Howard will leave the top job.

Mr Howard, who is visiting Washington, has refused to respond to claims that he is planning an elegant departure later this year.

The Prime Minister maintains he will stay for as long as the Liberal Party wants him.

Mr Murdoch, who was a guest at the official White House dinner for the Prime Minister, believes Mr Howard should go sooner rather than later

"I think he's probably planning to go out on the top," he said.

Mr Murdoch says Mr Howard has had more than 10 years in the Lodge and should avoid suffering the fate of former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher, who was ousted by her colleagues.

Mr Murdoch insists he is not privy to the Prime Minister's thinking.


The cartoon at the top of this line of blog shows the paper man, welcoming some of the bullies, sneaks and goofies of the world... Unfortunately these are not cartoon caracters.