Tuesday 16th of August 2022

Nearly con-vincing...

Nearly con-vincing...

a president's job is never finished...

Prime Minister John Howard and United States President George W Bush announced during a joint press conference in Washington that troops would remain "until they job is done".

Finishing the job

As the killing went on, the men became intoxicated by the idea of "finishing the job". The idea appears to have been that when it was all over, the Tutsis would be gone, and there would be no reminder of them. So the drive to kill every last Tutsi became more ferocious. In Nyamata not one bond of friendship spared a life, writes Hatzfeld; unlike in Nazi Germany, for example, Tutsis found "not a single escape network".

From Conversations with mass murderers

Gloom boom for some...

From the ABC

Oil prices boost US market
US blue chips have edged higher in overnight trade as rising oil prices helped lift energy shares such as Exxon Mobil but weighed on the broad market.

US crude oil futures prices gained 2 per cent on supply concerns related to tensions over Iran's nuclear ambitions.

An index of oil producers' shares rose 1.42 per cent.

The Dow Jones industrial average rose 21.29 points, or 0.19 per cent, to end at 11,141.33.
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framing the debate

From the ABC

Bush, Blair seek support for Iraqi Government
British Prime Minister Tony Blair said it was the duty of the entire international community, as well as Britain and the United States, to support the new Iraqi Government.

At a joint news conference after talks at the White House, Mr Blair and US President George W Bush declined to set timetables for the withdrawal of American and British troops from Iraq.

Both leaders acknowledged the decision to invade Iraq in 2003 had been divisive, but agreed it was time to look to the future now that the Iraqis had gone to the polls and freely elected a new government.

"It is our duty, but it is also the duty of the whole international community to get behind this government and support it," Mr Blair


Gus, as well as the world community, supports the "new Iraqi government", but does not support the way the US. the UK and Australia have gone about changing it though lies and killings. Now the new government may be another puppet of the warring triumvirate... Knowing what history and day-to-day claptrap dish out, eventually the invasion forces will be either kicked out or they will hang on till the petrol runs dry, while in Iraq, the country's various groups will be killing each other for another twenty... Another Saddam might come along, worse as before in order to necessarily clean up the mess.
But... really, we know the Americans are settling in for a long time with major army bases and with the biggest embassy ever built to pull the strings... I mean ROPES.

With their little outbursts of candourous "support the new Iraqi government" the Blair-Bush-Howard axis of deceit are trying to whitewash their sins... Now THIS I cannot support, forget nor forgive.

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democracy iraqi style .....

 no support for a bushit junta here Gus .... 

It is a puppet government
nothing more or less. I don't think it is going to accomplish anything
different than the previous one. All they are receiving They are on the
receiving end of orders from the unexpected visits by Condoleezza Rice, Jack
Straw previously, and to orders from Bush and Blair. 

Haifa Zangana