Sunday 26th of June 2022

That sinking feeling

That sinking feeling

We're all at sea...

Support for federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley has sunk to its lowest depth since he re-took-over as leader of the ALP. A Newspoll in Murdox's The Australian shows Mr Beazley's approval rating has fallen to 33 per cent, down from 39 per cent earlier this month. Must be the heavy food... The survey of MORE than 1,000 voters across the country show John Howard's rating as preferred Porkie-ist has risen to 55 per cent, with Mr Beazley on only 25 per cent. Obviously 20 per cent are vegetarians...

hope & inspiration ....

Could it be Gus that people recognize that only a leader offering genuine hope & inspiration can lift the grey fearful blanket that Howard is slowly using to suffocate us, rather than just a pompous clone who would probably finish the job?

Floating on flim-flam

From the man who knows a page three girl from deputy dawg, here it is, straight from the mule's mouth

Aust-US alliance deeper under Howard: Murdoch

Gosh, that was too easy. Send that Chatham House report to the bottom, too.

The PM, full of humility and grace, responded by offering his solution to global hunger. That is, errr, as long as we can preserve trade restrictions  to help Tasmanian snowpea farmers and other special cases in marginal seats. Only the deserving ones, of course.


Peter Pentecostello has found a deserving case, too, another national icon to protect.

Costello supports not charging Vizard

absolutely outrageous .....

This is absolutely outrageous.

Surely it's worth an Ambassadorship at the very least?

Apple strudel

So... "The AGE" says: "The Fair Dinkum Food Campaign is just protectionism by another name. Instead of looking for government support, Tasmania's politicians and farmers should be taking a long, hard look at new market opportunities such as China. And they are losing sight of the fact that consumers will buy cheaper products and if they like the quality, pay little attention to where it is produced" "The hip pocket speaks louder than patriotism on the supermarket shelves." This is the biggest furphy of the lot... One of the biggest problems most CONSUMERS are facing these days is the diminution of proper choice and cunning marketing tactics. Supermarket and food chains dictate what the consumer shall have. The quality is NOT always THE SAME, nor is it coming from equal sources of manufacture in wages and living conditions. Nor is it coming from an equal financial market. The differential between the lot creates these imbalances in the playing fields. And opening markets in China? Why don't the manufacturer of goods that are cheaper and flooding Australia do that instead... If not we may as well pack up, go on the dole and bludge. When you are at the maximum limit of efficiency, there is little you can do except start employing slaves for production... Or load the stuff with steroid or GM?... NO THANKS!!!!!! At the helm of SS ALP, we need a woman. A woman who can bite the heads off that current government, show the hypocrisy of the "morality and fear package", climb on the barricades like a trooper and galvanise the troops of the ALP behind her behind! We need Joan of Arc but I will settle for Clare Martin... or Julia Guillard on a caffeine drip... In the meantime we could pass the baton to one of the boys like John Falkner who is not a "we're all doomed" kid like Kim... In regard to Vizard Costellocostal, I could see the gag coming a mile away... They are already working on the top seven (excuses)