Saturday 25th of June 2022

wrong effect

wrong effect

It's common sense...

It's common sense that every one should agree that... (am I going to start all my rants with these all embracing words from our PM?)... that the war on terror has given a blank cheque for the mistreatment of anyone within a coo-hee of a rabbit's fart. The declaration of the "War on Terror" was only done to give to the brave Jo Citizens of the western world the impression the US government was going to do something about terrorism... without knowing really what to do except explodes a few bombs in countries where Taliban stopped the supply of heroin... All's back to normal now... In fact all that grandiose declaration means is that all the terrorists are forewarned of what's coming and can take measures to counteract it by scamping or dying more gloriously than what they ever dreamed of, in full knowledge that for one of their own dying two more are coming up the ranks... It's time to put that genie back in the lamp otherwise if will end up being called the 200 year war in the history books of the future...

Doug agrees with Bob

Doug reckons a day hasn't been worth living, if Bob Carr hasn't been all over it. On the ASIO raids (and please let there be many more of them), Bob was full of praise.

My jolly goodness me, "We don't want a September 11 to happen here." How are the trains, hospitals, sewers and waterways in NSW, Bob? This is the presidential style peeking through, again. Can Bob see an opening, in the fall-out after a certain book? Try this, Bob. "We do want the sun to rise tomorrow. Every thinking Australian wants that, but I can't guarantee it will happen."

It hasn't been all law'norder, though. Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser, Amnesty International and Liberty Victoria have criticised ASIO's increased terrorism powers after raids in Sydney and Melbourne yesterday. But this weak-kneed response to an emergent national disaster is typical of the Left. That's the difference between Bob & Doug, and all the rest.

Doug is all for covert ops, but the downside of secrecy is that the populace don't get that necessary constant pressure of impending malice, just a queasy sensation on hearing Prince Phil's tones. Doug believes a well-armed convoy of black Urban Assault Vehicles should be housed at every suburban cop shop. At random intervals throughout the day, three or four of them should burst out to scorch the tarmac and generally throw the citizenry into panic.

The success of this tactic is in a recent RACV report, that proves driver safety is linked to the size of their vehicle. This is the killer point from the study -

But it also says four-wheel drives are not safer than large family cars and are far more destructive and dangerous to other road users.

You see, there's a very good reason to get yourself into a big UAV, apart from what you believe about oil wells. It tells the other morons on the road that they'd better bloody-well keep out of your way, unless they want to be crushed like a beetle. An UAV gives peace of mind. With no other vehicles visible, it's quite safe to attend to your urgent business - on the phone, while making a turn and fiddling with the multi-stack DVD player. Another side benefit you get from a Hyundai-smashing UAV is the promotion of National Party values. The 4WDers are out in support of grazing in national parks. Whenever Doug is stuck behind a UAV, or another one is sitting on his bumper at night, with xenon lights blazing into his mirrors and cabin, he thinks "Bless the mountain cattlepersons, they are the very essence of Australia."

Doug supports ugly bullies, anywhere, any time, especially when they are in hock with governments, or they look like Dick Cheney, or both. Here is a good example, although it should be noted the ill-informed dobber, in this case, will never work again. Halliburton Iraq deals described as contract abuse

I can unequivocally state that the abuse related to contracts awarded to KBR (Kellogg Brown and Root) represents the most blatant and improper contract abuse I have witnessed during the course of my professional career," said Greenhouse, a procurement veteran of more than 20 years.

We will soon be looking for contractors to build and operate our gas-fired and nuclear power plants. On the evidence here, KBR is perfectly suited to do the job. Big, bold, brash and full of lies and conceit.

Doug does the math

Doug responds to questions (from Greg, and the other chosen few) at his Fort Braggart speech. [Pauses to adjust codpiece.]

"How long will it take to build more permanent US military bases in Iraq?" Oh, 12 years.
"How long will it be before China and Russia are locked on to Iran's oil and gas?" Oh, about 13 years.
"So, how long will the insurgency go on, in its throes?" Could be 12 years.
"And how long till Saudi Arabia's oil wells dry up?" A heck of a lot less than 12 years.

You see, redrawing the map of the Middle East and Central Asia is a long and arduous business. If those sock-puppet pals of ours in the Iraq government will get off their arses and draw up a constitution, we will get there quicker. Then it will be clear as crystal that a sovereign nation, like Iraq, is perfectly entitled to ask assistance from any other sovereign nation, say, the US. The sooner they get around to bending to the will of the US people, and the paramount need to guarantee the safety of American lives, the sooner the job will be done.

Billy Graham: America's Crusader

Lift up your heads, O gates! and be lifted up, O ancient doors! that the King of glory may come in. Who is the King of glory? It's Junior Bush, or Dick, whoever gets there first.

"All the congregation of the Israelites shall be forgiven, as well as the aliens residing among them, because the whole people was involved in the error." May as well be hopeful.