Wednesday 26th of January 2022

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screw loose

Just after Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor decided to back Labor, a relieved minister observed that, throughout the election campaign, Tony Abbott had reminded him of the Terminator, the Hollywood-created cyborg that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star.

The seemingly indestructible cyborg assassin travelled back in time from 2029 to 1984 Los Angeles, programmed to kill its target, Sarah Connor.

In the kill-or-be-killed game of politics, the minister was paying Abbott a compliment with the analogy to the cold-blooded and emotionless killing machine.

''Abbott was like the bloody Terminator,'' he said. ''It didn't matter what we did, shoot him, blow him up, run him over with a truck. He'd get up, repair himself and keep coming after us. We got him in the end but we had to dump him in a pit of molten metal.''

The molten metal moment, the minister opined, was when the independents sided with Labor. That is where the analogy ends. In the sequel to The Terminator, the cyborg came back but had changed sides.


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Why Abbott can wreck with impunity

Canberra correspondent Bernard Keane writes:


That the Opposition leadership is committed to a wrecking strategy in Parliament has been demonstrated amply over recent days.

There's the issue of the purported unconstitutionality of pairing with a Speaker, a matter on which, rather in the manner of Blackadder, opinion is divided - George Brandis say it's unconstitutional, every else says it isn't. There's the alacrity with which a press release purporting to be by Alex Somlyay, but in fact drafted in Tony Abbott's office, was rushed out on Friday, only to be later disavowed by its alleged author in circumstances that make one wonder about the Commonwealth Criminal Code prohibition on impersonating an MP. And there's the litany of excuses being offered by the Opposition as to why it is reneging on a signed agreement, ranging from the Government's willingness to consider a carbon tax, to Julie Bishop claiming that Labor pressured the Coalition into signing it and Joe Hockey saying it was all John Curtin's fault.

Most of all there was new Opposition Whip Warren Entsch's statement that pairs would only be granted by the Opposition in cases of "pregnancy, genuine illness, bereavement or family issues" and that ministers would not be granted a pair unless it was "in the national interest". As Paul Barratt noted at his blog, this presumably means the Opposition is now in the medical profession, since Entsch will be wanting to verify that illness is "genuine". Perhaps, consistent with the Coalition's approach to election costings and legal advice, Entsch can commission a Liberal-aligned doctor to offer alternative diagnoses. Mal Washer and Alan Eggleston, clear your diaries.

This hard-nosed attitude will undoubtedly make life more difficult for the Government and, in the absence of a remarkable level of discipline, increase the likelihood of Government legislation being defeated: which is the point.

It will also make life more difficult for Coalition MPs, who can now confidently expect that their own pairing requests will get no greater consideration from the Government Whip than the Coalition appears willing to extend to Labor's. Moreover, in the event Tony Abbott engineers his "mid-term baton change", he'll find his government will be hostage to exactly the same approach from Labor that he adopted - although you can confidently expect that we'd be hearing a lot more about how "obstructionist" a Labor Opposition would be.

Still, the Opposition leadership isn't thinking that far ahead. A combination of Abbott's highly successful negative campaigning and a conviction that the Coalition was somehow dudded of its rightful place in Government is driving the wrecking strategy.

The Opposition will most likely be able to do this with impunity. While the Government will thunder about Abbott being a wrecker, most voters have virtually no interest in parliamentary politics. To the extent that they see scenes of chaos on evening news bulletins, they blame both sides equally. This is a disengaged electorate hostile to the major parties and predisposed to the view that politicians don't believe in anything except clinging to power for its own sake. And who better to take advantage of the "plague on both your houses" mood than Abbott, the author of the famous line deployed against republic advocates, that you can't trust politicians.

However much damage Tony Abbott does to himself in pursuing a wrecking strategy, he'll do at least as much damage to the Government. Indeed, if anything, the strategy of recalcitrance and combativeness adopted by Abbott since the election has been rewarded with a rise in his own personal ratings. Only a comprehensive over-playing of the wrecking role will court censure from the electorate, and even then that would require Labor to be able to attack Abbott on the issue successfully, and if you haven't noticed, successful Labor attacks are thin on the ground these days.

The Conservative Media is the enemy of democracies.

While ever there is a loop-hole in the Australian law that allowed Howard to sell to foreign interests our RIGHT TO KNOW THE TRUTH then our legal system may be the only way to bring these foreign propagandists to heal.

Cross media ownership.

Can any decent Australian genuinely argue that the Murdoch Media Empire in Australia acts in any way to enhance the national interests of ALL Australians?  Or indeed, even of their own fascinated believers?

Just imagine the power of the Abbott opposition, even with a one seat minority, IF they could issue a statement but completely biased, and endorsed by the Murdoch NATIONAL MEDIA by pressing just one button? Just as it happens with the offensively and euphemistically named "the Australian"?  Sky TV - News Corp etc., and Murdoch's proven ability to have people to vote for his party of choice BUT ONLY IN A DEMOCRACY.

It happened as he wanted in England recently to wreck Labor - and it almost happened here with his choice of the unbelievably dysfunctional Liberal/Nationalists led by the swaggering fascist Tony Abbott.

Murdoch has now set his sights on Barak Obama and the latter is feeling the pinch because HE thought that HE was the most powerful man in the world.

“It’s time” for Australians to realize that the “Murdochracy” waged a negative campaign against Labor which, by definition, increased the balance in favour of the remnants of the Howard “New Order” even without them espousing any policies or costings.  Fair dinkum.

During the campaign, Abbott made so many negative accusations and would not answer questions – that it became a contest between the Abbott/Corporations/Murdoch media and the almost ignored Labor Party.   The only issues appeared to be what the hell Labor is all about?  What have they done? What have they succeeded in?

And all the time not wanting; expecting or arguing for, policies or alternatives from the Abbott gang of four and a half – viz; Abbott, Bishop; Hockey; Robb and the half - Pyne.

The pattern of Abbott’s destruction intentions of our 43rd Parliament can only be repeated by the Murdoch Media Empire to a lesser extent than before?

Let Julia and her government ministers make statements and accusations (without questions as is the Liberal method) and let the media insist that Abbott and his “has beens” must prove any accusations they make.

Don’t even try to be fair Julia – the message to the people of Australia is already planned by the monopoly.  Perhaps your ability to overcome Abbott’s lacking in debating skills might someday get an airing in this abused democracy.  NE OUBLIE.



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Bill O'Reilly spruiked his new book "Pinheads and Patriots" on the Jon Stewart Daily Show... As the anchor for Murdoch Fox network show the Bill O'Reilly Factor, Bill fondly describes the Fox Network as the "Temple of Doom"...

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Upset Labor but not the journalists.

No doubt it fitted in with the policy of vigorous opposition espoused by Opposition leader Tony Abbott, but refusing to grant Simon Crean a pair so he could address the National Press Club yesterday was not such a good idea.

Making life difficult for Labor is one thing but upsetting the masters of the parliamentary press gallery was quite something else.

It did not take long after regional affairs minister Crean told the NPC he would have to cancel his well-advertised appearance for the tough guys of the Liberal Party to change their mind.

not a mystery...

The eternal mystery that is Tony Abbott

By Annabel Crabb


Is there any other politician who has ever enjoyed such a persistent reputation for conviction politics, while so regularly changing his mind?

This is one of the eternal mysteries about Tony Abbott; that he continues to be identified as an ideological warrior despite a proliferation of instances in which he has swapped body-armour with the enemy.

Climate, Work Choices and paid parental leave are just the most obvious examples.

Another came yesterday, when the question of Australia's military commitments in Afghanistan arose in an interview Mr Abbott conducted with Brisbane radio station 4BC.

Mr Abbott's record on this matter is already complicated.

In April this year he advocated - in a speech to the Lowy Institute - an increased deployment of Australian troops to compensate for the withdrawal of the Dutch.

During the campaign, Mr Abbott adjusted this view and declared that the deployment was about right.


Annabel, I'm sure you know there is no "mystery" about Tony... While in opposition, he will embrace any idea — not ideologies — which will give him a "popularist" point at the time, but will say something totally opposite if he can see there a few more "popularist" votes to catch later on. He changes his mind with no degree of regard for continuity but to position himself, like a sociopath, in front of the pack. He has the skills of changing his mind, without appearing to change his mind.

There will be time when he holds fire back, as not to loose his footing with the recoil. He knows he needs all his troops to bother Labor, so even with them he will spin a line of unity in disagreement to defeat Labor, as half of his troops are not convinced about some of his policies, though they like his bovver boy approach...

At the moment, anything will do to hammer Labor's good or bad polices... And the pickings are thin... Most of Labor's ways are reasonable or good... So Tony recoils in whatever corner he can find — and will change his mind of attack to suit the pounce...

Tony has very strong conservative ideas — including WorkChoices — but he is not a politician to show "his" conviction (he will even present policies contrary to his convictions so he can circumvent or outdo Labor), unless he's at the wheel and able to hammer the people on the head with impunity. He is a politician — like John Howard — who first wants his hands on the levers — will do any sneaky moves for it — then lay down his very very conservative policies  — undisclosed at present... He "lies"...

Tony is like a bully brat who has tantrums from time to time, then smile coyly repentantly while thinking of ways to set your shed on fire. He has a few other bullies working for him to do the deed.

See toon at top and others amongst this line of comments.

The Many Faces of.... Dr. Abbott.

Good one Gus.

IMHO I have not changed my charge that Murdoch created this "temporarily different" Tony Abbott to suit the circumstances created by Murdoch's assassination of Kevin Rudd.  This was quickly followed by further rocking the Labor boat with attacks of Julia Gillard and even the Governor-General.  Such an outrageous abuse of "freedom of speech" in Australia should not go unpunished even more so now because it has finally been recognised by the small "l" Liberals.

Tony Abbott was made the darling of Murdoch after meeting the latter at a private dinner between them and deciding, I have no doubt, on the parts they would both play.

Various independent commentators have raised eyebrows at the damn gall of this media mogul in doing what so many nations in the world are suffering from - politics is Murdoch’s real game after financial power has established his leverage.

Abbott would be obliged to say as little as possible – dress appropriately – be seen with as many women and children as possible and never – never answer questions without his minders and cabinet members beside him. Also censure any films of meetings with the Australian people.

Nevertheless, at last some one like Annabel Crabb has ever so politely observed that Abbott – [far more than any other politician in my living memory] – has been protected by the MSM by not using the term “backflips” [that is to attack Labor only] and being patted on the shoulder for changing his mind and policies so many times without any furore from any of the media.  Fair dinkum.

I like your comment Gus and may I quote a significant part?

Annabel, I'm sure you know there is no "mystery" about Tony... While in opposition, he will embrace any idea — not ideologies — which will give him a "popularist" point at the time, but will say something totally opposite if he can see there a few more "popularist" votes to catch later on. He changes his mind with no degree of regard for continuity but to position himself, like a sociopath, in front of the pack. He has the skills of changing his mind, without appearing to change his mind.

While you have analysed it well Gus, the major problem is still the Murdoch Media monopoly and the resolution should be to immediately remove the Howard “honour” system and re-introduce the “Cross Media” Laws of the Keating government.

Otherwise we are in for an extension of Howard’s core and non core promises so dear to Murdoch’s heart.  In a word LIES.  NE OUBLIE.




abbott does it purposefully...

Tony Abbott has apologised for saying Prime Minister Julia Gillard had a "target on her forehead" during another heated Question Time in Federal Parliament.

The Opposition Leader interrupted the normal business of Parliament for the 50th time since the election to move a motion aimed at forcing Ms Gillard to apologise for saying there would not be a carbon tax.


Tony Abbott does this crap intentionally, then begs forgiveness on all fours as if he had done it out of the heat of the moment... He's a loosy sneak...

a brainless idiot...


Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has today dismissed ongoing speculation that Prime Minister Tony Abbott is, in fact, a cyborg.

HIS COMMENTS were a response to a Sydney Morning Herald report, which quoted an unnamed senior Government minister as saying that Tony Abbott was a cyborg "like the bloody Terminator”.

As I understand it, a cyborg is partially human and part machine," responded Mr Turnbull.

"Well, Mr Abbott is certainly not one of them,” he said.

I have worked with Tony for many years and I can assure you that he is definitely not human; in fact, I doubt there is a single shred of humanity in any part of him.”

In my view, Tony Abbott is 100 per cent robot — no question whatsoever.”

Abbott a completely brainless robot

The Chief Executive of a leading German cybernetic company has supported Mr Turnbull’s assessment.

Dr Hans Bilst, Chief Executive of Torypolitiker Sind Wir, said his company constructed Tony Abbott on consignment for the Liberal Party as part of an ongoing contract.

He said that Mr Abbott was indeed a complete robot.

read more:,3060


As the creator of the image at top, I disagree... A full robot would be far more intelligent than Tony Abbott... No-one, not even a machine, can reach the level of idiotic deceit found in this half-cyborg brain... It's more like that of a Dalek with a faulty circuit... "EXTERMINATE... EXTERMINATE..."


tony the turdybot...


Tony Abbott spent a lot of time reflecting on issues of national importance last week, contemplating very publicly what he should have done differently when he was prime minister. His conclusions bare little resemblance to the broader public’s views of his failings – a lack of focus on jobs and education, a budget that undermined every single election promise his party made and the knighting of Prince Phillip.

No, if he had his time again he would have invested in more coal mines and nuclear powered submarines. While the real prime minister’s adversaries in his own party like to paint him as out of touch, Tony Abbott’s pronouncements are of a politician who couldn’t read the public mood with the assistance of the Hubble space telescope.

Abbott’s determination to remain in parliament, in the news and in the public eye can’t only be because he wants to be a wrecker. He must believe – even if he only whispers it to himself in the dark – that he is relatively young, fit and capable of leading his party again. But today’s Essential Report results show that not only does a good-sized chunk of the electorate want him out of parliament but his policy agenda is out of sync with the national conversation.

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When Turdy Tony little shit Abbott said that he would not do all the things he's doing at the moment, after having been "deposed", I promised not to call him a Turdy little shit. But then I knew he would not last the distance without becoming a pest in the ranks of the Liberal (KONservative) Party in this fair country. Tony being a stirrer, a professor of negativity, a Neanderthal knuckle-dragging liar, a waste of space on the parliament benches, a no-balls bragger, an infection of yellow pus... etc, you get my drift. But he will stay on and on, because let's say the sad truth: he is unemployable in the private workforce. As a cafe waiter, he'd blame you for his spilling the hot coffee on your lap.


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