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NHJ! and the League of Rights (CILLA TEY)

I was googling 'League of Rights' + 'Howard', after hearing the rumour regarding Howard senior being a member. I was so surprised to find that they are selling NHJ! (refer below, I have cut and pasted from Maybe I should also check out!

BOOKS FROM THE MAILING SERVICES: 'Not Happy, John' by Margo Kingston: Solicitor, lecturer in business law and political commentator, Sydney Morning Herald journalist Margo Kingston thinks its crunch time for Australia. She tells us she isn't interested in the old, out-worn left-right rhetoric, what she is interested in is the urgent need for Australians to reassert the core values that once made this nation a humane, egalitarian, liberal democracy - the core values with which she agrees. We could agree with her on many issues. She writes that she is not happy with the way Howard: o He snuck us into the Iraq war without ever really telling us why. o Trampled on our democratic right to know. o Wants to give the Me

Such books don't make a difference ('Lewis Outrider')

Having recently decided that the mainstream media was not a place to get quaility information anymore I began to feverishly buy any books I could find on political and social issues. Having enjoyed some of Michael Moore's scathing observations of America I was pleased to come across your recent publication which has a similiar message pertaining to Australia.

For fifteen years I have been a stress therapist and have chaired a self awareness group. The experience was enriching in many ways, but I was left rather jaded. What I learned was that only about 1 in 20 people have really developed past the level of selfishness that one sees in a new born baby. Once a child discovers the needs of others he/she must learn to accomodate them and this could be be considered the beginning of real awareness.

This growth has become severely stunted in today's society and what gain there has been is usually lost again by the time an individual reaches middle age. (a person's p

We need Swiss style direct democracy for anything to change (Dominique Longheon)

Good on you for trying to do something to bring back Democracy in Australia. Unfortunately the old saying that

A&R Chatswood (Troy Rollo)

Re: Peter Hackney's Query about Angus and Robinson

I picked up my copy of NHJ at Angus & Robertson in Chatswood. They had a few stacks of them at the time, so they must have simply sold out.

Artist (Lawrence Winder)

Congratulations MK for clinically exposing these psuedo-democratic thugs to a wider audience... I only fear that it is too late and that Labor having lost its reason for existence by embracing conservative values is now just a plaything of the same forces that the 'assistant-managers' of Liberalism historically have long toadied up to and will not make any significant difference, even if they do manage a win. But thanks for putting it on the record and attempting to tweak our fighting spirits...

Ohh, and I miss your contributions to LNL.....any chance of a come-back?

Lawrence Winder.

Echo News takes in NHJ! + The President Vs. David Hicks ()

Byron Bay's Echo News features a review this week of NHJ and Andrew Wilkie's Axis of Deceit.

One correction, however, with this paragraph:

'Her [MK's] lengthy book includes website contributions, an examination of the Zionist lobby's influence (being Jewish, Kingston is on safer ground than many) and a full-frontal on the Tony Abbott-led 'Australians for Honest Politicians' that led to Hanson's jailing.'

Margo isn't Jewish. At all. I am Jewish, however and I presume that the reviewer is referring to my Hanan Ashrawi chapter.

In other news, the movie, The President Vs. David Hicks opens this Thursday around Australia.

Season commences in Sydney, this Thursday, 12th of August 2004, at the Valhalla Cinema, 166 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe Ph 9660 8050.

One of the directors, Curtis Levy or Bentley Dean will be present at every Sydney screening for a discussion a

The Justice Project ()

Julian Burnside, Robert Manne, Young Australian of the Year Hugh Evans, and Malcolm Fraser have joined forces in a project to co-ordinate an effective campaign in the lead up to the Federal election, for a fair and humane refugee policy for Australia, and to provide resources for this campaign. This includes letting voters know where each candidate (in his or her electorate and in the Senate) stands on our refugee reform policy, as well as producing a range of campaign materials.

The Justice Project needs people to donate their funds, time and skills. For more information, go to: or write to The Justice Project Inc, P.O.Box 2595 Fitzroy, 3065

Priest, song-writer, Working mostly in Education (Kevin Francis Bates)

Margo - the book has been a great conversation-starter for me, on planes, at airports where I've been reading it and across dinner tables. With passion, clarity and balance, you've opened up stories that we'd only been half-told, and I was both devastated and thrilled in the reading of your stories. Devastated at the wreckage that this Government, its friends, and sometimes its opponents have wreaked on our system. Thrilled that someone had the guts to call the tune honestly, and call us to action, and generate a bit of hope.

Some of the ideology that's gobbling up the Church right now finds a pretty good parallel with the Howard-Bush-Packer-Murdoch club. I'd love to see you doing a bit of unpacking there!!

Kevin Bates

Two sites now list most of the 'honesty statement' signatories: but none have all 43 (Philip Sutton)

Dear Margo,

Thanks for listing the eminent signatories to the statement calling for honesty in Australian politics. Many media reports mentioned that there were 43 signatories. But of the two websites that have offered a list of signatories, neither have 43. Yours had 39 at: And there are 42 at:

I wonder why it's taken so long for the list to come out and even then not have all the names. I think the signatories need a better media liason officer!

Cheers, Philip

NHJ responds (AL): This is indeed a mystery. I've just done a Google search, and have come up with nothing more substantial. If anybody has further info, please let us know. As you say, Philip, this kind of information should be a public service.

Angus & Robertson (Peter Hackney)

Just adding to the comments regarding 'Not Happy, John!' at Angus & Robertson bookshops. Looking through their store at Chatswood the other day, I couldn't find NHJ anywhere - and upon asking, was told that they don't have it in stock.

I found this situation quite strange, considering the book is one of the political works of the year, is distributed by a major publisher and has maintained respectable sales positions since release. While A&R not stocking NHJ mightn't seem particularly grave (one can always buy it elsewhere), the fact is that they're Australia's largest bookseller - and in many suburban, provincial and rural locations, the most accessible (and sometimes only) bookseller. So if they don't stock it, the message of NHJ is definitely curtailed.

So here's my suggestion: How about a little grassroots campaign encouraging the chain to stock the book? I'd encourage anyone who's 'Not Happy, A&R!' to send an email to the feedback and general enquiries address -

The group of 43 and Not Happy John! ()

G'day. Dr Russell Darroch in Canberra is steamed up about the Howard regime's response to the unprecedented plea for truth in war and politics by 43 of Australia's most senior retired defence chiefs and diplomats (the text and signatories are at Webdiary):

'The behaviour today from Howard and co proves how out of touch and morally bankrupt they are as a group and as a government. How dare they, any of them, be so dismissive and disrespectful of senior Australians who have given so much for OUR country on the behalf of ALL Australians. How dare they not at least engage in the basics of common courtesy to which all 43 of these people are fully entitled, never mind treating their public statement of serious democratic issues with proper respect for honest discourse in a democratic society.

'In line with Margo

More to it than NHJ reveals? (Iain Waller)

Margo, I once had you as a Law Lecturer at what was then the Capricornia Institute of Advanced Education, you were and still after 3 degrees are my favourite Lecturer for your no nonsense make it real approach to knowledge. I find your comments re the state of our democratic process very interesting and largely accurate, but I wonder if there is more to it?

Perhaps my 3 favourite books are Jared Diamond

NHJ & Fahrenheit 9-11 (Steve Goldsmith)

Critics' complaints that Fahrenheit 9-11 is propaganda rather than documentary is more understandable having seen the film myself, but I was never under any illusion that Michael Moore would present anything other than his own perspective. That's OK; in a democracy we're supposed to be open to dialogue, to allow airtime for opposing views. What was disappointing for me was that Moore's selective use of information, while targeted to a US audience, detracted from the potency of his message.

The clearest example of this selectivity was in Moore's roll call of the 'Coalition of the Willing'. Omitting to mention Australia (or the UK) as collaborators in the Iraq invasion may have passed unnoticed in the US, but here it contributes to the sense of helplessness I feel in the face of a government that cynically distorts facts to suit its own purposes.

It is clear from the opening scenes of Fahrenheit 9-11 that Bush should never have been elected President. However, it i

Helping define better government (Shaun Carter)

Keep up the good work. Lets hope, in some small way, your fine work can help rid us of Howard, Downer (never has there a more appropriately named politician), Abbott and co, and help define a more liberal, honesty and healthy Government - of any political colour.

Moggies are next ... (Jonathan Medwin)

I'm experiencing great difficulty reading NHJ - I don't have time at work during the day, the weekends are full, and if I try to read it in bed at night, insomnia ensues. Please help!

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