Monday 18th of October 2021


a sad sad reality...


When world leaders like Joe Biden and Boris Johnson descend on Glasgow for the world's most significant meeting on climate in years, they could well come face to face with a billboard designed by an Australian comedian.

Key points:
  • Comedian Dan Ilic has raised $65,000 after launching a crowdfunding campaign to pay for satirical billboards in Glasgow for COP26

  • The federal government has yet to decide who will represent Australia at the global climate conference

the US malarkey, hogwash, bunkum, and baloney had become an infection...


For many Australians who believed that Joe Biden was going to save the world, I had this message from day one, that Joe was going to be the purveyor of US malarkey, hogwash, bunkum, baloney and bullshit. He has been in the past and he was unlikely to change, except with a bit more retarded wisdom, he has delegated some of the hubris to the UK and Australia...

The AUKUS deal could not have happen even with the mad Trump. It can only happen with a demented US president and his hawkish minions, under the disguise of peaceful doves, who have the ability to market US malarkey, hogwash, bunkum, baloney and bullshit to an idiot like Scott Morrison — Scotty of nappy marketing.

This is what has been, is and will be:


time to stop the bloodshed in the names of our ideals...


The agreements reached between Presidents Joe Biden and Vladimir Putin following the Western military defeat in Syria are beginning to be implemented in the Middle East. The next steps should be the withdrawal of US forces from Iraq and Syria, the expulsion of Turkish forces from northwestern Syria, the return of Iran to the concert of nations, the return of the Golan Heights and finally the Russian-Syrian administration of Lebanon.


A NEW WORLD ORDER TAKES SHAPE (PART 4)Towards peace in Syria and Lebanon


the reduction dilemma...


Global shoppers face possible shortages of smartphones and other goods ahead of Christmas after power cuts to meet official energy use targets forced Chinese factories to shut down and left some households in the dark.

Key points:
  • China is facing widespread power shortages after vowing to cut its energy intensity to meet climate goals
  • Widening power shortages have halted production at numerous factories during one of their busiest seasons 
  • The fallout has prompted some analysts to downgrade their 2021 growth outlook 

the magicians of CO2 emission reduction...


NSW Nationals leader John Barilaro has backed new climate change targets to slash the state’s emissions in half by 2030 at the same time his federal colleagues are bitterly divided over reaching net zero by 2050.

Mr Barilaro’s support for his government to revise the state’s emissions reductions to 50 per cent of 2005 levels by the end of this decade puts the NSW Nationals at odds with its federal party.

NSW agreed to a goal of reaching net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 in 2016 and 18 months ago set a target of reducing emissions by 35 per cent by 2030 but has now lifted that to 50 per cent.

The move will put pressure on Prime Minister Scott Morrison ahead of next month’s UN climate change conference in Glasgow as he struggles to convince the Nationals to commit to a net zero target.

repeating history with hindsight...


DER SPIEGEL: Mr. , you served as a foreign policy adviser to Angela Merkel from the time she took office in 2005 until 2017. Merkel is considered a major proponent of realpolitik, especially when it comes to foreign policy. What explanation can you offer regarding the degree to which Berlin was taken by surprise by the reality on the ground in Afghanistan?

brawl between france & AUKUS part of de-dollarization and deglobalization trend....

brawlersbrawlersThe new AUKUS submarine pact between the US, UK and Australia, which saw France lose a major ship-building deal with Canberra last week, has led to a verbal fire exchange and diplomatic snubbing between Washington and Paris. 

On the Keiser Report, Max and Stacy discuss the possible outcome of the standoff, predicting France to come out as a winner, backed by the whole European Union, while the post-Brexit UK and “bad crazy island” of Australia don’t stand a chance, even with the US behind them.

See more:


the nuke debate...


There has been movements afoot to revive the nuclear energy option. A lot of lies and wrong arguments are presented to make us swallow what we’ve rejected a long time ago for good reasons. So why does this stupid alchemy raise its head once more? Submarines? Well in regard to our trying to limit the damage from “climate change” — that global warming induced by our industrial busy-ness — some new kids on the block have been prompting us to revive the nuke option. Obviously they’re idiots taking us for fools. 


the dictator of scotmoristan...

dictatordictatorAustralian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has been accused of being “addicted to secrecy” as the country’s parliament debated a controversial proposed law that would exempt the workings of its National Cabinet from public scrutiny.  

The cabinet, comprised of the PM, state premiers and territory leaders, was formed in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government claims that body’s decisions should be afforded the same protections from disclosure requests as the federal cabinet.

a gift from scumo to the pacific...


You are allowed to fall of your chair, while seeing this funny headline at The Australian, from the Murdoch media... Of course, the Scumo government relies on coal and gas for its own "clean energy"... So what does this mean? Rubbish of course...

we don't need scumo's shit...


China presents a significant threat, believes former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Which is why, he says, the West must work together rather than engage in the kind of bickering triggered by the recent submarine deal between Australia and the United States. Interview Conducted by Bernhard Zand


yellow subs...


Former US president Barack Obama once said Russia was a mere “regional power.” Shortly afterwards, Moscow answered his charge by helping to defeat American regime-change efforts in Syria, located in a rather different region. 

Moscow’s power, often denigrated and exaggerated at the same time in the characteristically contradictory style of its Western opponents, is not comparable to that of the war-addicted post-Cold War USA, but it is enough to matter. From Central Europe to the Sea of Japan, the country has regional security interests spanning half the globe.


FREE JULIAN ASSANGE NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

assangeassangeJournalists, political analysts, and press organizations expressed shock on Sunday over a report that claimed members of former president Donald Trump’s administration had plotted to assassinate WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Yahoo News interviewed more than 30 former Trump administration officials for its article revealing that the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) under Trump’s then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo had discussed assassinating or kidnapping Assange while he took refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

afghanistan was already a long way back into the forgotten past.


The future was bright for the hoodlum boys of the Empire. The French had been humiliated by Scott Morrison, but Joe Biden “avait passé la pommade” and “la brosse à reluire” in a single phone call, while reading the soothing sauce from the teleprompter verbatim. As usual the French Ego has been contained with elegant flattery and promises of more greasy fast food outlets. 


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