Thursday 25th of April 2024


Hi Hamish and everyone!

July 1st and Howard's take over of the Senate is approaching FAST!

Our only hope is that the progressive parties will suspend Senator Lightfoot pending a REAL investigation into his dodgy background (ie his IRAQ story continuously changing), hence putting a stop to Howard's one party monstrosity. (Good bye ABC, SBS, Telstra, and most importantly MEDIA DIVERSITY - Murdoch & Packer will get the lot. Goodbye Fairfax.)

To do that we need to give our parties a good kick in the arse and a TICKER to do what's right.

Howard won the Senate not fairly, but with his lies on interest rates.

There are only 2 remaining weeks of the Senate sitting until July 1 and until they run out of time.

Hamish, in order to give the issue more urgency and get this issue off the ground, would you be willing to put a countdown clock at the top left hand corner of the side column?? I think it'd be great to get people motivated.

The main thing that I think would really help would be to set up an email form where we can have a ready made letter or make our own that we can click and gets sent to all of the Senators likely to listen. Its not a case of convincing them, its a case of giving them a little push. It's not like they don't want to stop Howard.