Sunday 26th of June 2022

the rabbit hole .....

‘As Morpheus explained: “The
Matrix is a system Neo, and that system is our enemy. When you are inside, you
look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters, the
very minds we are trying to save. Until we do, these people are part of that
system and that makes them our enemies. 

You have to understand that most
of these people are not ready to be unplugged and many are so hopelessly
dependent on the system, they'll fight to protect it.”’ 

the relative value of freedom .....

‘From the beginning, there were
ominous signs that the Iraqis weren't going to play the game right. More than a
few neo-con hearts were broken by the Iraqi refusal to greet us with flowers
and champagne as we marched into Baghdad, and the snub still hurts. Just this
week, Daniel Pipes, president of the Middle East Forum and an unrepentant hawk,
complained about "the ingratitude of the Iraqis for the extraordinary favour
we gave them: to release them from the bondage of Saddam Hussein's

keeping us safe .....

From today’s SMH
Letters page ……

In the firing line

Apart from cameras that should always be working, one of the key airport
security measures is to check for gunpowder residue on selected travellers. A
few days ago airport security guards stopped me for a check even though I had
not fired a gun for 40 years, but the Irish clay pigeon shooting team was
allowed to pass. 

US abandons UN human rights council .....

From American Progress …..

The US Withdraws Support From UN Human Rights

In 1946, under the leadership of Eleanor
Roosevelt, the United States led the way in creating the first U.N. human
rights commission.  

Was Juma Assassinated To Protect Downer ?

It's a horrible question to ask, but upon hearing that Messrs Downer and Vaille are to testify at the AWB Commission next week, and on rereading Haifa Zangwana's piece on the assasinations of academics ( currently on page 3 of Webiary home page) I was struck by one of those horrible trains of thought.

Kays Juma was a Professor of Agriculture in Iraq. He would have had a detailed knowledge of the status quo of agriculture-based aid activities in Iraq, and the fact he was also an Adelaide-resident probably would have motivated him to be aware of details such as the differences in Ausaid and USaid agriculture programs and the methodology of their implementation. As an academic he would have been privy to more information than would have been supplied to the CPA.

Ministers Under Oath- Downer and Vaille Testify

For the first time an Australian minister of the Bush Administration will face a true battle- telling the public what he wants to without being forced to resign.

Trade Minister Mark Vaille will appear befor the Australian Wheat Board Inquiry on Monday, and Foreign Minister Downer on Tuesday. They will be speaking on the issue in an environment in which our society considers lack of honesty to be the greatest taboo- A sworn oath.

ABC reports that the inquiry wishes to question Mr Downer on diplomatic cables sent by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to the Office of the Prime Minister of Australia. The cables raised the department's concern over involvement in the Austalian Wheat Board's bribes to Saddam Hussein.

red tape recommendations .....

from the ABC ….. 

Govt to slash business red tape 

Prime Minister John Howard and
Treasurer Peter Costello will today announce a package to cut red tape for
business and make it easier for small firms to access the new workplace
relations laws. 

the little aussie nationalist .....

From the ABC ….. 

PM defends right to override
state IR laws 

Prime Minister John Howard says
there will not be any dramatic consequences for the states if they lose
the industrial relations challenge in the High Court. 

The states are fighting plans for
a national industrial relations system. 

Battle of Hollybook...

From the New York Times

Algeria Forbids Efforts to Convert Its Muslims

Published: April 6, 2006
ALGIERS, April 5 (Reuters) — Algeria has passed a law prohibiting efforts to convert Muslims to another religion, the country's chief of religious affairs said on Wednesday. The move seems aimed at maintaining stability after the Islamist violence that had plagued the country for a decade.

Muhammad Aissa, director of the Ministry of Religious Affairs, told the state radio network that the measure, passed on March 20, was prompted by the activities of Christian evangelists, particularly in the restive ethnic Berber region of Kabylie.

bunnies at the pump .....


From the ABC ….. 

Record petrol prices expected
over Easter!!

Melbourne's petrol prices are
expected to hit new highs over Easter. 

The price of unleaded petrol
reached a record high yesterday of $1.34 in the city and at Wheelers Hill. 

when gangsters & war criminals define the rule of law …..

‘Opposition politicians and human rights
campaigners reacted with dismay Tuesday to British Defense Secretary John
Reid's call for international
, including the Geneva Conventions, to be redrawn to
ensure states could counter global terrorism and undertake military

The threat of terrorism should
not be used as justification for a watering-down of fundamental human rights,
Liberal Democrats Shadow Defense Secretary
Nick Harvey warned. 

gloating in the dark .....

failed government .....

‘"Imperial overreach" is too fancy a term for
what the Bush administration has actually done. While its officials have talked
a great game when it came to achieving "victory" in Iraq and
exporting democracy to the Middle East, its main exports have turned out to be
mayhem and ruins. And those it can continue to export. 

With every new move, yet more rubble, yet more terror, and
undoubtedly yet more terrorists in Iraq and, sooner or later, in the wider
region will be created. This is where the most essential choices made by the
President, Vice President, and their chosen officials in the days after
September 11, 2001 have taken us.’ 

with drips in charge .....

From American Progress ….. 

Yesterday, George Will used prime
space in the Washington
and other major papers to suggest — not only is global warming
not the result of human activity -global warming may not exist at all. In a
one-two punch, this morning columnist Robert Novak used his regular space in
the Washington Post to suggest that global warming - if it even exists - would
only impact us so far in the future that our technological advances should be
able to handle it. Neither of these columns is based in scientific fact - their
only purpose seems to be to bolster the position of the administration. 

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