Thursday 25th of April 2024

target practice...

target practice...

The New South Wales opposition leader Barry O'Farrell has shrugged off reports of a back-handed insult from his party's federal leader.

Tony Abbott is reported to have told a partyroom meeting yesterday that the federal opposition would not win the next election by adopting a 'Barry O'Farrell-style small target strategy.'

The comments have been gleefully picked up by the state Treasurer Eric Roozendaal who brought a picture of a very small target into the Upper House question time.

He says it is a severe indictment.

"Even your pin up boy is saying what you are saying behind Barry O'Farrell's back," he said.

"That he's not up to it. That he can't do the job."

"There's no doubt that Tony Abbott is certainly energetic as an opposition leader and that contrasts with the Liberals in New South Wales who do nothing but talk down the New South Wales economy and never come out with any real policies."

Mr O'Farrell did not respond to the claim.