Tuesday 28th of March 2023

keeping us safe .....

keeping us safe .....

Looks like every day there is a military-style raid somewhere in the US. One of the more recent ones, in Detroit involves the raid of an art gallery, where people had gathered to listen to music, have some drinks and dance.

The police, having found no drugs, guns or people with arrest warrants, handed out 130 tickets for loitering and impounded 44 cars. 

And now comes the best part: the police have informed Aaron Timlin, executive director of Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit where the raid happened, that he needed to obtain a dance permit. Yep - a dance permit. 

Timlin, however, is going to defy the state. "We're going to dance without a permit," he said. "If we get a ticket, we'll fight the ticket and change the law. People should be able to dance where they want."