Monday 27th of March 2023

the demos myth .....

the demos myth .....

Wonderful – the people we're liberating are our enemies, because of the extended occupation – now there's a good reason to support the troops and extend the occupation. I guess Congress thought so too.  

They've continually done it despite the fact that the Iraqis DON'T want it – a recent poll indicates that nearly 60% of Iraqis see attacks on US-led forces as justified and nearly half say the US should leave now.  

Actually the facts are that the world is composed of 190-odd sovereign countries and the US can't legally act as though it is the legal government over other countries. From the United Nations Charter, Article 1, Chapter 2: "The Organization is based on the principle of the sovereign equality of all its Members." While in Iraq and Afghanistan there are no functional governments, they still have loyal citizens, nationalists, and the people in these countries (US enemies according to Bush) are resisting brutal US military occupations.  

Who among us wouldn't resist a foreign military occupation? A military that raids neighborhood homes often in the middle of the night like this, this, this, and this, harasses the inhabitants including taking retina scans, rounds up, handcuffs and blindfolds young males and carts them roughly off to prison (over 20,000 now) where they are tortured and detained for months without any sort of legal review. There is in each country, Iraq and Afghanistan, a corrupt and dysfunctional government but the people, mostly, are not fighting (insurging) against these governments, which being weak are not even factors. They're fighting the US military occupiers (and each other due to instability).  

No country, including our own, will ever tolerate an intensive occupation by a foreign nation. 

Some Call It 'Counterinsurgency'