Monday 17th of May 2021

Margo on LNL last night/The Bully's NHJ! take ()

Hi again, and if you've found your way here thanks to Steve Mayne & Co's very generous link from over at Crikey, bear with us on the 'road-test' side, as we're still getting the techo routine down pat. And (as we say in the book): SUBSCRIBE NOW to the mighty Crikkers Team if you've not done so already!!!! (OK, OK, Steve, so we promise that this will be the last such icky, shameless plug for a while at least, since we wouldn't want the OzPollyBlogosphere to get TOO incestuous and mutually now we here at NHJ! stand braced for some ruthless and useful review-flaming from the more pro-JH Crikey readers. (Or for that matter, simply those sceptics who can't stand blathering lefty gits like deathless clunking prose fills out Chapter Four: 'Ordinary Australian Appeasers'. ) So do your worst, all dissenting readers. Bang us out a feisty, critical review or two...oh, but if you do feel moved to bag the book, t'would be rather nice if you at least made an effort to, er, 'engage' a little more with the book's gizzards than did The Bullies' grumpy old Patrick Carlyon this week. Come on Pat - fair suck, eh? Apart from a sideswipe at the intro, not one single word about the book's CONTENTS, mate? Still, they did give it a look-in - perhaps (if only just? discuss) giving Carlyon's key review point a nudge - '..everyone is still free to express their ideas...' - so our thanks go to Garry Linnell & Co for that, at least. To read Pat's less-than-dazzled, brief take on NHJ! you'd best go out and buy the hard-copy mag (since we'd hate to do Big Kezza out of five bucks by linking fully here!)

Meanwhile, you can also catch Margo's ABC slot on Radio National's LNL last night with Phil Adams here.

And thanks again for your interest, all. We really appreciate it, and we'll get our site up to fullspeed as soon as we can.