Friday 27th of January 2023

the value of "aussie tony" unleashed .....

the value of "aussie tony" unleashed .....

This morning brings the remarkable news that Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has gone to work as a part time consultant for the huge JP Morgan investment bank, at a salary estimated at a million dollars a year. 

What I find remarkable is not so much the news as the apparent lack of reaction to it.It’s not just a question of a British leader leaving his nation’s top office for employment in a sprawling company with worldwide interests - everyone does that these days - but the fact that Blair is doing it - while at the same time continuing official duties in a very sensitive and financially key part of the world. 

JP Morgan Buys Tony Blair For One Million Dollars A Year 

Of course, since resigning last summer, “Aussie Tony” has also been very busy on the lucrative speaking circuit, "matching the earning power of President Bill Clinton."