Wednesday 26th of January 2022

promoting democracy, level 3

i have started a 'citizen register' at

please visit and enroll if you think lighting this kind of candle is useful. i am certain that the first party to lose an election because 'their' demographic has done a lysistrata will have a re-think about instituting actual democracy in australia. the labor party in particular has had cir in their policies, until the apparatchiks supplanted the true believers.

the roll needs to be in the tens of thousands before the mainstream of politics begins to take notice. finding 10,000 concerned and active ozzies might be difficult, but at least doorknocking not required- fingers can do the walking. dont hesitate to help!

since this site is about instituting democracy in ozzia, we should practice it: comment about goals and tactics welcome, feel free to mirror this site and embellish it.

just keep the goal simple: "cir-now!"