Monday 16th of May 2022

Solomon Islands In Iraq ?

It's of interest that while companies from countries such as China,
Germany and Canada were not allowed to tender for Iraq reconstruction
contracts, our little troubled neighbour, the Solomon Islands was given
permission to bid.

Sweden, Ireland, Austria, and Finland, all neutral countries, were also cut off from the spoils. According to Bloomberg, of the 15 European Union states, only six are approved.
They are the U.K., Italy, Spain, Portugal, Netherlands, and
Denmark. All have sent soldiers or police forces to Iraq.

Countries that were deemed as acceptable candidates to submit company tenders included Palau,
Micronesia, Tonga, Rwanda, the Solomon Islands, and Angola

The reason that the Solomons was included in the list is that the
country supported the U.S. in Iraq.  I would suggest that the level of
support that this country was able to provide would have been extemely
minimal... that is, unless  a company such as Halliburton were 
operating from a Solomons related shelf company.

I'm confused again.  Perhaps Mr Downer could explain ?