Friday 20th of May 2022

South Aust Premier In London To Sell Uranium?

South Australian Premier Mike Rann isn't known as "Media Mike" for nothing.  This is why it's suprising that Rann has made a trip to England with no public fanfare.  His website isn't even operative to convey his media releases!

Mr Rann usally makes great media mileage from his visits, proposing M-1 tank reconstruction facilities, visiting warship contract contenders, generally publicising his intentions from the perceived locales of "the horse's mouth"  This is why it's surprising that the best our Premier has had to offer is that our defence contract bids are to be managed by a man who doesn't live in South Australia.  Rann's climate change consulant, by the way, is also about to become a Sydney resident.

The editorial in today's Australian may be right in saying that Rann's just flogging our wine and tourism.  But this doesn't explain the lack of publicity of the trip from a man who would open a chook raffle if it provided a photo-op.

Viewed in context with the international whirlwind of publicity surrounding international uranium sales, and in the light of UK PM Tony Blair's recently announced plans to revitalise the UK's nuclear power industry, an "unannounced" visit by the head dignitary of a uranium-rich locale could be perceived as a "shock-tactic" in nuclear salesmanship. 

Think about it.. Blair says that the UK needs more uranium, and in a heartbeat Premier Rann is on his doorstep.

No doubt Mr Rann's job will be done before whatever announcement Australian PM Howard makes from Ireland.