Monday 16th of May 2022

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Andrews moves to allay Easter sacking fears 

The Federal Government has moved
to reassure workers that they are protected from getting the sack if they
have reasonable grounds for not being able to work on public holidays over

Labor says Easter will be a test
for the new rules and say they are weighted in favour of the employer. 

Workplace Relations Minister
Kevin Andrews says there are provisions in the new industrial relations
legislation to protect workers who do not want to go to work on Good
Friday or Easter Monday. 

"What they provide, in sort
of simple lay language, is that there are reasonable circumstances in
which a person doesn't have to work." he said. 

ACTU secretary Greg Combet says
the new laws are designed to drive down the number of public holidays for

"What the Federal
Government's new workplace laws are trying to do is strip everyone back to
the floor.” 

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