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ABOUT 20,000 Australians, whose travel plans have been thrown into chaos by the Iceland volcanic eruption, face confusion over their travel insurance.

The director of the multi-insurer travel insurance website Travel Insurance Australia, Walter De Angeli, said the big insurance providers such as QBE and Alliance were offering to cover all reasonable expenses such as accommodation, meals and cancellation fees incurred after European flights bans last week.

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Stanford, Calif.

NOW that Congress has pushed through its complicated legislation to reform the health insurance system, it could take one more simple step to protect the health of all Americans. This one wouldn’t raise any taxes or make any further changes to our health insurance system, so it could be quickly passed by Congress with an outpouring of bipartisan support. Or could it?

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Gay rights activists have criticised a Vatican official who sought to link homosexuality to paedophilia when commenting on child sex abuse scandals.

The UK's Stonewall group said it was astonishing gay people should still be dealing with "such an offensive myth".

Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone had said homosexuality, not celibacy, lay behind the child sex abuse scandals.

The cardinal, the Vatican's foreign minister, was speaking in Chile, where his comments were also condemned.

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Neither the judges, Leach nor the gallery are troubled by the similarity.

''There are some key differences there,'' Leach, 37, said. ''Quite clearly I'm quoting that original work … I'm not sort of ashamed or worried about it.''

As for the Wynne's rule that the landscape be Australian, that wasn't a problem, either.

Leach, who also took out this year's Archibald Prize, pocketing $75,000 for the two wins, said his Wynne painting was ''a projection into some kind of idealised future'' and that people saw landscapes ''through a certain kind of constructed idea of what a landscape should be''.

Not a good show at all

Not a good show at all

In fact Reuters was shown the Apache video by the US military shortly after the killings, but raised no stink. Requests for public release under the Freedom of Information Act were denied. Finally whistleblowers handed the video to Wikileaks.

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A former High Court justice would swap 10 judges for one honest homosexual like singer Ricky Martin, a conference in Brisbane has been told.

Michael Kirby, former Justice of the High Court of Australia, opened and closed his keynote address at the second International Queer Studies Conference on Thursday by playing Martin's song Livin' La Vida Loca.

Justice Kirby, who revealed he was gay while serving on the High Court, praised the singer for coming out about his homosexuality.

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Abbott's togs to hang at Alice pub

Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott's bright red swimming trunks and cap will be put on display in an Alice Springs pub.

Mr Abbott made the outfit famous when he wore them in a race.

Avril Vaughn owns a pub in Alice Springs and bought the ensemble in an online charity auction for $3,400.

The money raised from the sale has gone to the Spastic Centre.

"Alice is full of fun-loving people and they I'm sure will see it for the bit of fun that it is, and a donation to a great cause," she said.

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Mr Abbott was generous in his praise of Mr Turnbull.

"In just two terms, Malcolm has scaled the commanding heights of Australian politics,’’ a statement from Mr Abbott read.

‘‘Malcolm has brought to all his public roles extraordinary determination, considerable personal charisma and great intellectual consistency.

"Personally, I have enjoyed his friendship since university days and look forward to doing so for many years to come."

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Religious leaders have used their Good Friday sermons to launch an attack on what they call a recent surge in atheism.

Thousands of Christians crowded into churches this morning to mark the solemn Christian festival of Good Friday.

Sydney Anglican Archbishop Peter Jensen told his congregation atheism is not the rational philosophy that it claims to be.

Dr Jensen told the congregation that atheism is as much of a religion as Christianity.

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Mr Abbott blamed the Labor Party for the focus on his persona rather than policies.

"What we are seeing is an orchestrated campaign from the Labor Party to try to play the man and not the ball," he said.

"We saw a classic case of this on the weekend, you had the prime minister tweeting best wishes to me as I was involved in a major community event while you had his ministers out there, in what was plainly an orhcestrated way, suggesting that there was something wrong with a senior politician competing in a triathlon."

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