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by Gus Leonisky on Sat, 2015-11-28 14:27

In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre, French bookbuyers are turning to one of their grands philosophes, Voltaire, for enlightenment and perhaps Enlightenment. Publisher Gallimard is printing an extra 10,000 copies of his Treatise on Tolerance, which was brandished by participants in the Paris rallies of 11 January. In the treatise, Voltaire argues in favour of toleration of religious belief, while reserving the right to argue strenuously against it, and denouncing religious fanaticism of all stripes. “Tolerance has never provoked a civil war; intolerance has covered the Earth in carnage.”

Voltaire was the pen name of François-Marie Arouet, born in 1694: philosopher, novelist, playwright, all-round troublemaker and virtuoso of equal-opportunity ridicule. Since the early 20th century, he has also been doomed to be misquoted by those using him as a weapon in the free-speech wars. He never actually wrote “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” – this excellent formulation was, rather, the work of his English biographer, Evelyn Beatrice Hall (who also used a pseudonym: SG Tallentyre), who used it to describe his “attitude” in her 1906 biography, The Friends of Voltaire.

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by Gus Leonisky on Fri, 2015-11-27 17:23


Opposition leader Bill Shorten's decision to float a possible 45 per cent cut in Australia’s carbon emissions by 2030 is a "mad" thought bubble, according to Coalition frontbencher Christopher Pyne.

Mr Shorten unveiled the plan today along with a pledge to work towards carbon neutrality — meaning all emissions would need to be offset — by 2050.

"The Climate Change Authority recommended a baseline emissions reduction of 45 per cent by 2030, on 2005 levels," Mr Shorten told the Lowy Institute.

"Today I announce Labor will use the Climate Change Authority's recommendation of a 45 per cent reduction as the basis for our consultations with industry, employers, unions and the community."

Labor will announce a final policy next year.

Mr Shorten is also promising a review of his party's long-term climate change goals every five years.

Industry Minister Christopher Pyne claimed such a target would cause a jump in electricity prices.


"It is a mad policy," Mr Pyne told Channel Nine.

"Bill Shorten's policy, his thought bubble, 45 per cent reduction, would require them to introduce or reintroduce a carbon tax at double the rate of the carbon tax before.

"He wants to smash household budgets and smash the economy."

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Tallied together, the emissions reduction announced by Shorten are still not enough.

Meanwhile, Pyne, the CONservative minister for burning coal, gas and oil in hell, is mad...

Meanwhile, the ABC FactCheck tells us about "Cleaner Coal" coming from Australia... In fact, all coal is dirty in creating emissions of CO2, and a variable amount of other pollutants. The proportion of coal burned to the amount of energy created could be a measure of "Cleanerability", but most of the "clean" coal is used in industry such as steel making (still pumping CO2 mind you), while the lesser clean coal is burned for power (electricity). There is no such thing as "clean coal".



by Gus Leonisky on Fri, 2015-11-27 10:52


Russia and Turkey have been fighting a proxy war in Syria for several months. After the downing of the Russian jet, they are now in direct conflict with one another. Middle East analyst, Professor Juan Cole, examines the geo-politics behind the escalating crisis.​ 

THE TURKISH government decision to down a Russian jet operating in the north of the Syrian province of Latakia is breathtaking in its boldness. Russia may no longer be a superpower, but it is a nuclear-armed great power.

The newly elected Justice and Development Party (AKP) government of Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu and his mentor President Tayyip Erdogan in Turkey can rule without the help of any other party in parliament, and seems determined to double down on its policy of intervening in Syria.

The Davutoglu government risks substantial economic harm. Russian tourism has boosted the Turkish economy, and Russia was planning an important gas pipeline through Turkey as well as the building for Ankara of a nuclear power reactor. All those activities have just been cancelled, and tour operators in Russia are looking for other tourist markets after pressure from the Putin government. 

Russia is attributing the attack to an attempt by Turkish officials to protect gasoline smuggling routes from Daesh (ISIL, ISIS) to Turkey, but the geography of the shoot-down tells against this interpretation. This was near al-Qaeda territory in the northwest, not Daesh territory in the northeast, and the issue is arms smuggling, not oil smuggling.


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Russia has rejected Turkey's claims that it did not know the plane it shot down on the Syria border was Russian.

President Vladimir Putin said Russian planes were easily identifiable and the jet's flight co-ordinates had been passed on to Turkey's ally, the US.

Turkey's president said earlier if it had known the plane was Russian "maybe we would have warned it differently".

Mr Putin was speaking after meeting his French counterpart and pledging closer co-operation against Islamic State.

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by Gus Leonisky on Thu, 2015-11-26 18:46

There are some intelligent people out there who cannot cope with the concept that global warming is induced by CO2. They have many theories about the warming of the surface of the planet, because now, apart from a few idiots at News Limited, they cannot deny that the planet is is warming up. The surface of the planet IS WARMING UP.

So they blame the sun, the elliptic wobbles of the earth around the sun and the price of fish, including volcanoes. Anyone in their right scientific minds would know that volcanoes have a tendency to COOL the atmosphere rather than warm it up.

As well the earth wobbles, understood as the Milankovich cycles are well known — and accounted for in the models of global warming. The sun, well what can we say? The sun strength varies but NOT ENOUGH BY FAR to change the climate by as much as what is calculated now in a basically stable average period.

But these denialists stick to their guns with waffle-piffle. They know more in their tight little pants that an army of scientists "who are paid to find faults in burning fossil fuels by lefty government". 

Nothing one can do anything about this deliberate ignorance, except push on and and on and on about the EXTRA CO2 added to the natural CO2 cycle.

But these "we-do-not-want-to-rock-the-boat intellectuals" don't want to feel "guilty".

Idiots. It's not a question of guilt. It's a question of measurement and quantitative analysis. THE SCIENCE OF GLOBAL WARMING IS 100 PER CENT CORRECT. Extra CO2 is the main (with other warming gases such as methane, etc. in small percentages) culprit in warming the planet in our era, beyond the natural variation. Simple.

by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2015-11-23 22:12

If the Senate Committee into windfarms is sincere in its concerns about the health effects of infrasound, there will soon be an inquiry into the unappreciated dangers of living near the sea or trees, writes Professor Simon Chapman.

AT THE CENTRE of claims about wind farms allegedly causing health problems is the infrasound that wind turbines generate as they turn in the wind.

Infrasound is sound below 20Hz, which is generally inaudible. Wind turbines are just one source of artificial man-made infrasound. Others include power stations, industry generally, motor vehicle engines, compressors, aircraft, ventilation and air conditioning units, and loudspeaker systems. Everyone living in an urban environment is bathed in infrasound for most of their lives.

As I sit at my inner Sydney desk writing this I’m copping infrasound from the planes that pass some 200-300 metres over my house sometimes many times an hour, the sound of passing road traffic on a quite busy road 100 metres from our house and the stereo system I listen to as I write. Don’t tell anyone, but I feel fine and I’ve lived here 25 years.

But infrasound is generated by natural phenomena too. These include rare occurrences such as volcanoes and earthquakes, but also sources like ocean waves and air turbulence (wind) that countless millions – if not billions – are exposed to on most days. Anyone living close to the sea is surrounded by constant infrasound from waves.

The inclusion of wind as a source of infrasound is of particular significance to claims made that wind turbine-generated infrasound is noxious.

In a Polish research paper published in 2014, the authors set out to measure infrasound from wind turbines and to compare that with naturally occurring infrasound from wind in trees near houses, and from the sound of the sea in and around a house near the seaside.,8410


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by Gus Leonisky on Mon, 2015-11-23 06:57


In the incident that sparked the boycott, Mallah told Liberal MP Steve Ciobo that, because of "ministers like him", many Muslims would feel justified "to leave and go to Syria and join ISIL".

Jones said: "It never occurred to me actually that what [Mallah]  said - the intent of what he said - would be reversed [by some in the media].

"Even though he's pretty extreme in many of his views, he is absolutely not a supporter of ISIS. Which, if you look at the front pages and you've got ISIS flags - I'm talking about the News Limited tabloids in particular - you've got ISIS flags with the ABC logo on as if somehow this guy was backing ISIS terrorism or that he was in fact a member of ISIS or something along those lines ... he wasn't ISIS. So I didn't think anyone would turn around and say that he was.


"In the end, the big lie sometimes wins out in propaganda wars and there was a sense - a kind of general sense from people who hadn't seen the program or had misunderstood it - that we put on a program a guy from ISIS, deliberately. We didn't."

Jones said when it emerged that Mallah had previously made sexually threatening remarks about women journalists on Twitter, it was clear he had "plenty of other things to be ashamed about".

"The following week we made the point that, had we known about that, of course we would not have given him the opportunity to ask the question," Jones said. "In the end lots of issues got muddied in that particular period."

Jones said he knew "we were in a quite nasty political fight" - with two inquiries launched, including a continuing independent investigation.

But, behind the scenes, Jones and his colleagues decided on solidarity in the face of the onslaught.

"We took the view early on that this was a collective decision that we'd made, that if anyone wanted to blame anyone we were all equally to blame and that no single person on the program could or should be singled out or scapegoated," he said.

"We're all pretty experienced journalists so I can say we understood the urgency of the matter but no one was panicking or arguing with each other behind the scenes.

"It was actually a pretty unified response and with cool heads ... we thought about how we could handle this.

"Obviously the ABC at a broader level was involved at a higher level so we had lots of meetings about it and in the end I think we behaved sensibly.

"The ABC behaved relatively sensibly and the government finally saw that we were taking it seriously."

Of the barrage of criticism from News Corp papers and columnists - specifically the cartoon mock-up of the ABC logo on an Islamic State flag - Jones said: "It was a combination of things. Yes, it was offensive but it was so absurd that it was also laughable."

I've got news for you, Tony: THE BIG LIE usually wins the propaganda wars... Unless you can deconstruct the lie publicly in a one clever move, which to say the least is more difficult than to promote shit alla News limited, it will still hangs in the mind of infected people like the reality of a bad smell, which News Limited will still try to promote in a counter-move. The liars, Tony Abbott and his cronies, with the help of News Limited hate to loose or be found out... "News Limited is always right" "Tony Abbott is right"...

The creative idiots responsible for the images of an ABC logo on an ISIS flag should be ashamed of using their skills in this manner, at the service of rabid lunatic lying idiots:

ACMA, should have fallen on News Limited with a fine of several million dollars for promoting hatred, falsehoods and misunderstandings. At least Malcolm got rid of Tony Abbott. Though the whole matter could be found laughable for some intelligent people, some people who do not have access to the refinements of life and eat pizza from the box while watching couch potatoes on TV eating pizza from the box, will believe anything Tony Abbott said which was promoted by News Limited. Horrid newspapering. See refined toon at top...

And should your time be limited, just thoroughly read: 

the theatre of the merde-och absurdists...

the big lie

the big lie


by Gus Leonisky on Sun, 2015-11-22 08:48

from a few years ago...

Sapiens in the mist



Most organisation are geared to put brakes on change and on the greater understanding of nature, or on the proper variety of temporal ideas — as change, even in the earth mechanics, is rarely predictable and likely to go awry with the ordered establishment. 
For example when an earthquake striked the middle of Italy, most of the population (catholics led by the pope) believed it was an act of god testing human resolve —in that region and country. When a tsunami striked Indonesia, most of the population (muslim) believed it was to make them pay for their sins... To the atheistic humanist, these events are no more than near-unpredictible earthly events, part of the evolution of the planet at this point in time. As mentioned previously on this site, geological studies have revealed where the cracks are on the earth's surface and should one be living on or near these cracks, one is likely to be hit by a Krakatoa at some time to various degree. No more no less.

In the past, social changes happened nonetheless in various forms, from wars — designed to steal or defend against someone stealing — revolutions, revolts — designed to liberate from overbearing institutions — to industrial adaptations — these latest to advance personal and social comforts for certain classes of citizen. Now, with mass-produced decent goods (non-exclusive market) reaching most people in order to provide a greater base profit for the top of the social pyramid (exclusive market), as well as providing some comforts acting as pressure-valve relief.. 

There are other quieter shifts in which the power of one organisation is dwindled out and overtaken by another, in the sheer number of adherents, or buyers. 

Thus, unless one controls the changes — especially on the technological side, via marketing, propaganda and other advertising manipulations, including preaching (all forms of telling porkies of various dimension) — one can loose the alleged "common" (relative to what one has to sell) purpose which is dictated by the majority in charge, with it's own sphere of control, using the controlling tools of some partnered faith organisations... If change there must be, organisations do narrow the focus of belief and, like new electronic systems, and, to some extend, agree to the bandwidth in which a new gizmo is going to be "universal". Universality becomes one tracked-mind convenience instead of being rich in chaotic near-useless diversity.

Most of my life, I've been fighting the restrictive brainwashing from whatever organisation it came from. Chaos with unpredictability is my nature. My memory and my analytical imagination won't let it be any other way... But in the end, it's a hard battle, and non-faith humanism is the only general back-stop position to secure a proper existence with the greater understanding of life in hand, while sharing this relativist concept with others. 

Otherwise, sadly, we could be on our mad lonesome. I tend to be very bombastic about this, mainly to ward off the illuminated bible-bashers with glossy brochures about impending doom and salvation, while we could do something about the way we treat the earth.

In the end, much of human business centres on sex, either in the control of it, forbidding of it, making money from it, using it as a catch to sell saucepans and cars, or as entertainment of our fluttering senses... And, lets not forget, to procreate: make more of us like randy rabbits without the calitris virus. 

Nature provided humans and most other animals (some are hermaphrodites) and plants this strange differentiation in which we find pleasure, pain, joy and sometimes confusion. But sex under the control of a dogma can become a power-tool for fending against other dogmas, for keeping the flock on the straight and narrow, for victimising the "other" sex and for defeating other organisations by sheer resultant output: more of us imprisoned in one dogma, versus less people in another: the war/invasion by numbers.

Most organisations rely on the docile dependency of people — all demanding their illusionary rutualized lolly to quelsh their cosmic uncertain angst — dependency either to the organisation or to the greater group in which these organisations have strong influences. Daily we get slanted information from these organisations that make us stay within the rest of the group so we do not stray too far from mainstream thinking — making sure that we're not living on our own terms. 

So despite what we, freethinkers, like to think we're still attached by various umbilical cords, including democracy, to the "others". 

Nothing wrong will all this, except the techniques employed by the powers-in-charge to create dependency use fear, illusions and fictitious rewards to keep us on the straight and narrow, while we'd be perfectly happy to be ethical, thoughtful and naturally errand human... The faith indoctrination also rely on manipulating our memory with the ritualization of decided purpose, and reinforce the mantra we should not understand the cosmic reality of where we are.

All this process of course has let to polarization of groups and cultures — and the justification of wars to steal from the other — that we declare "infidel" "gentile" or "terrorist" to give us the moral ground to do what is really a bad deed, in whichever creed...: kill other humans. 


by Gus Leonisky on Sat, 2015-11-21 15:15

He has described the settlement imposed on Greece in July as doomed to failure and will “go down in history as the greatest disaster of macroeconomic management ever”.

Echoing the call for innovation by new prime minister Malcolm Turnbull, Varoufakis said Australia should redirect its economy from “rent” in the shape of selling commodities to “entrepreneurial profit” in the form of greater innovation.

“Australia has excellent pockets of innovation such as CSIRO. But there is a glass ceiling where they usually have to sell up and move to the US in order to progress.

“It was Paul Keating who said Australia needed to move from being the lucky country to being the smart country. But the government didn’t help that and Australia still has a problem taking ideas to the next stage.”

 Yanis Varoufakis will be appearing in conversation with Mary Kostakidis at Melbourne’s Athenaeum Theatre on 28 November ( and the Sydney Opera House on 29 November (


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by Gus Leonisky on Sat, 2015-11-21 11:38

There is a mierda report on the ABC about cartoonists. Apparently, It was a year where personalities dominated more than policies in the minds of Australia's political cartoonists. Crap.

The first cartoon to illustrate this is one by Reg... Not a bad one but quite annoying. It seems as if Tony Abbott was doing things off the cuff, driven by booze and visiting pubs or going to the toilet. 

Not so. Tony Abbott actions were always DELIBERATELY targeted to the possible limits of his ludicrous SECRET desires. Nothing was ever left to chance or a whim. With the Knights and Dames, he knew the concept would not be well received by his friends nor his opponents. BUT IT ALWAYS WAS IN THE BACK OF HIS POMMY MIND to bring these antediluvian honours back into the system. Doing "Captain's calls" was his way of bypassing dissent and getting away what he ALWAYS WANTED TO DO:  Annoy the shit out of every one, but be in charge of it. Very very very sinister...



by Gus Leonisky on Sat, 2015-11-21 09:32

Gray's Anatomy — the medical book, not the TV series — is considered the definitive anatomy textbook.

First produced 157 years ago, it is now in its 40th edition.

But, when it comes to laying out the brain, there is another publication that surpasses it — and it was made in Australia.

The Rat Brain, first published in 1982, is now one of the most-cited neurological publications.

Its authors are Australian anatomists and neuroscientists professors Charles Watson and George Paxinos.

They spent years mapping out the coordinates of the brain of the most important research animal in science — the rat.

"Luckily all mammalian brains are very much the same," Professor Watson said.

"And while rats just have little brains, they have the same component parts.

See toon at top... and do rats believe in god?