Wednesday 1st of July 2015

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by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2015-07-01 10:04

In the top left hand corner of the Porkiegraph today (1 July 2015) the vignette says: "Sydney Morning Herald HUMILIATED"... Between you, me and a convention of dung beetles in Sin City, this is glorious humiliation. The headline was worth every cent of the cash paid. Joe IS NOT AN ECONOMIST. His appearances at the North Sydney Forum were designed to cash up the Liberal (CONservative) Party. What else do you want to know....

by Gus Leonisky on Wed, 2015-07-01 09:57


China will aim to cut its greenhouse gas emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 60-65% from 2005 levels under a plan submitted to the United Nations ahead of crucial climate change talks in Paris later this year.

The pledge has been eagerly awaited as the country is the world’s largest carbon emitter.

China said it would increase the share of non-fossil fuels as part of its primary energy consumption to about 20% by 2030, and peak emissions by around the same point, though it would “work hard” to do so earlier.

The figures are contained in a document submitted to the United Nations ahead of the next round of UN climate talks in Paris. All countries are expected to submit their national pledges to reduce carbon emissions beyond 2020, also known as Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDC).

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As the entire Western World relies on China's sweat shops for its trinkets, China is hard-pressed to find ways to limit "our" displaced emissions... but it is working at it.


by Gus Leonisky on Tue, 2015-06-30 23:18

Warmest June temperatures for Perth

Perth has recorded its warmest June on record with the average maximum temperature of 21 degrees Celsius.

The Weather Bureau's Neil Bennett said today's maximum reached just more than 23 degrees.

"So that is the warmest June on record," he said.

"The previous warmest was back in 1983 when we got to 20.6 [degrees] so well and truly past that.

"The early part of the month was very warm indeed but then we had quite a cold snap moving through.

"During June 13 and 14 temperatures did drop down, then on the 22nd we got down to 15.8 [degrees].

"It has also picked up right over the last couple of days, in fact yesterday was 24.4 degrees which was just about the second warmest day this month."

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by Gus Leonisky on Tue, 2015-06-30 22:59


On Tuesday evening, Liberal Senator Arthur Sinodinis said Mr Hockey was "not a bloke who can be pushed over, or bought".

"I can tell you no-one owns Joe Hockey," he told the ABC's Radio National.

"I resent implication politicians can be bought. I go to lots of lunches and dinners, you don't have to buy access to any of us."

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May I point out to Mr Sinodinis (sic) that the North Sydney Forum was set up to do exactly this: Paying access up to $20,000 into the Liberal (CONservative) Party coffers to access Joe Hockey.

Joe is a great supporter for the Humpty Dumpty Foundation... 


And of course Mr Sinodinis (sic) should have watched 4-Corners ABC TV about how the Mafia bought politicians in this country.

by Gus Leonisky on Tue, 2015-06-30 21:52

The UK must take urgent action to prepare for the impact of climate change, the government has been warned.

Ministers should focus on the future risks of heatwaves and flooding, says the Committee on Climate Change.

Its report said more needed to be done to keep emissions on track, although the government said it was committed to meeting its climate change target.

It also warned a decision to stop onshore wind farm subsidies early could potentially add £1bn a year to bills.

The report by the Committee on Climate Change looked at progress towards meeting carbon emission targets and how the UK is preparing for climate change risks.

Chairmen Lord Deben and Lord Krebs said measures were needed to address increased flood risk to homes and to protect farmland from declines in productivity.

Lord Krebs said: "By the 2050s the sort of heatwaves we might experience in the next few days will be the norm, a typical summer."

The committee also called for action to make homes and buildings safer during heatwaves.

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by Gus Leonisky on Tue, 2015-06-30 09:27

Leveraging business innovations to improve delivery of lifesaving drugs

The Global Fund has committed close to $1 billion to HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria programs in Tanzania. But the biggest challenge has always been the last mile: how do we get drugs and commodities to the remote villages in Tanzania. This requires more than financing; it requires specific expertise. While a bottle of Coca-Cola can be found everywhere, essential medicines are not always available in rural areas. It is widely recognised that the Coca-Cola Company has unparalleled expertise in distribution and supply management worldwide. In Africa in particular, its network of local bottlers is critical to reach consumers. In 2010, the Coca-Cola Company engaged in a pilot project alongside the Global Fund to transfer core expertise to Tanzania’s Medical Stores Department which distributes all medical supplies across the country.

This public-private partnership, supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, has enabled the government to leverage private sector’s innovations to improve how they buy and distribute medicines across Tanzania. As a result, the Medical Stores Department has expanded its distribution network to service over 5,000 clinics (from an initial 500 delivery points) and improved the availability of critical medicines reducing stock replenishment lead times by up to two-thirds.


Sugar goes beyond the dark corners of the planet... For one person who lived in Africa, I can say it's NOT HARD FOR ANYONE with a small rusty truck to go to the most remote places in any country. I suppose the warring factions may not shoot at a Coke truck but would look at doctors in a Kombi with suspicion... We've gone mad. The Gates have gone mad...

by Gus Leonisky on Tue, 2015-06-30 07:46

David Tyler reviews another exciting week in the jolly Kingdom of Abbottralia.

"Full steam astern!" shouts Captain Hook-or-by-Crook Abbott on the poop deck, ducking volleys of brickbats, derision and sheer disbelief from home and abroad, manfully commanding the start of another week of good government and doing whatever craven acts it takes to follow the almighty IPA’s wish-list, amen, annihilate all opponents and preserve his arse — a commodity he must remind us, that is not for sale. Monday sees him suddenly reversing course to avoid a leaked green-paper proposal for wealthy parents to pay fees for their children’s public schooling bobbing up like a turd in the surf at Bondi.

‘Not policy, now or ever", Abbott lies, trusting someone will pick it up and run with it. It’s a win-win. The fuss will distract the nation from the legality of Australia’s offshore detention being challenged in the High Court or PWC’s report that a third of Australia is effectively in recession. So much to evade, deny, silence or lie about, he sighs, so little time. But at least he can do Bill slowly. The Royal Commission into destroying Shorten forever promises to be worth every penny, he winks as he is told the Information Commissioner Professor John McMillan has given up after being forced by government cuts to pay all costs, even work from his own home. The Abbott Government’s war on transparency is all going to plan.

A hell’s kitchen of housing prices continue to bubble but nothing to see here, says Abbott and Hockey rubbishing the RBA’s view. Who cares, as long as decent, Liberal voters owning property in Sydney and Melbourne make a fortune? Does it matter where investment comes from? Some foreign buyers, it seems, are all cashed up with the proceeds of crime or are buying under shonky schemes to hide their identity. Yet the matter is well in hand, as the government’s new fee for overseas buyers is guaranteed to ease the pressure. Sort things out. Guaranteed. Enough with the negative.


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by Gus Leonisky on Tue, 2015-06-30 00:46

Yes John,

the image above is telling... Chillingly true.

by John Richardson on Mon, 2015-06-29 23:38

keeping-up appearances ....

by John Richardson on Mon, 2015-06-29 23:28

Panic indeed Gus ....

Having pumped-up the nation’s fear of terrorism to the point where we seem incapable of thinking about anything-else, Prime Minister Tony Abbott must surely be at serious risk of being accused of “crying wolf”?.

Whilst no-one is suggesting that the threat of terrorism shouldn’t be taken seriously, our political leaders have a clear duty to act responsibly, including to calibrate the government’s response in clear proportion to the threat.

Right now, Australia’s terrorist threat level is set at its second highest level, short only of there being evidence of an imminent attack or an actual attack. In the past few years, billions of dollars have been tipped-into our security agencies, allegedly with the intention of “keeping us safe”, whilst other dangers to our survival draw little more than lip service.

To make the point, in the 35 years from 1978–2013, some 113 Australians died as a result of a terrorist attacks, both at home & overseas. In the 9 year period from 2003–2012, there were 2,600 homicides (not including the 850 deaths from domestic violence), 8,500 deaths caused by motor vehicle accidents & nearly 23,000 suicides; not to lose sight of the fact that 230 people died after falling-off ladders, nearly 200 from falling-off chairs & 10 from being struck by lightning.

John Howard was right when he said we “should be alert but not alarmed”.

Regrettably for our nation’s health, Tony Abbott has only ever known how to play the irrational & irresponsible hysteric.